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Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Season 5 Schedule PDF Download

Pro Kabaddi League Schedule: The fifth edition of the PKL Kabaddi League will start from July 28. The Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5 is slated to start on 28th July 2017 and will go on October 28, 2017, which will entirely be held in different indoor stadia across India. PKL season will be bigger than any other tournament of its kind in the country, with 12 teams from 11 states contesting over 138 matches. Check out The Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 Schedule / Fixtures / Time Table PDF File Download and more info from below the article.


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Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Teams & Zones

Zone A:

  • Dabang Delhi
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers
  • Puneri Paltan
  • U Mumba
  • Haryana Steelers
  • Gujarat Fortune Giants

Zone B:

  • Telugu Titans
  • Bengaluru Bulls
  • Patna Pirates
  • Bengal Warriors
  • UP Yoddha
  • Tami Thailavas

Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Schedule | Fixtures | Time Table

A total of 138 matches will be held in an inflated 2017 season that will go on for 13 weeks.

Date Venue Match 1 (8 pm) Match 2 (9 pm)
July 28 Hyderabad HYD vs CHE MUM vs PUN
July 29 Hyderabad JAI vs DEL HYD vs PAT
July 30 Hyderabad MUM vs HAR HYD vs BLR
July 31 Hyderabad Rest day Rest day
Aug 1 Hyderabad GUJ vs DEL HYD vs UP
Aug 2 Hyderabad GUJ vs HAR HYD vs KOL
Aug 3 Hyderabad HYD vs PAT
Aug 4 Bengaluru BLR vs CHE PUN vs DEL
Aug 5 Bengaluru MUM vs DEL BLR vs UP
Aug 6 Bengaluru KOL vs UP BLR vs PAT
Aug 7 Bengaluru Rest day Rest day
Aug 8 Bengaluru GUJ vs HAR BLR vs HYD
Aug 9 Bengaluru BLR vs KOL
Aug 10 Bengaluru PUN vs JAI BLR vs CHE
Aug 11 Ahmedabad GUJ vs MUM
Aug 12 Ahmedabad HYD vs UP GUJ vs DEL
Aug 13 Ahmedabad PAT vs UP GUJ vs JAI
Aug 14 Ahmedabad Rest day Rest day
Aug 15 Ahmedabad KOL vs PUN GUJ vs BLR
Aug 16 Ahmedabad HAR vs CHE GUJ vs HYD
Aug 17 Ahmedabad DEL vs CHE GUJ vs KOL
Aug 18 Lucknow UP vs MUM BLR vs JAI
Aug 19 Lucknow HYD vs MUM UP vs HAR
Aug 20 Lucknow PAT vs PUN UP vs JAI
Aug 21 Lucknow Rest day Rest day
Aug 22 Lucknow GUJ vs PUN UP vs KOL
Aug 23 Lucknow HAR vs DEL UP vs CHE
Aug 24 Lucknow UP vs HYD
Aug 25 Mumbai MUM vs JAI KOL vs PAT
Aug 26 Mumbai PAT vs CHE MUM vs PUN
Aug 27 Mumbai KOL vs BLR MUM vs DEL
Aug 28 Mumbai Rest day Rest day
Aug 29 Mumbai BLR vs UP MUM vs GUJ
Aug 30 Mumbai MUM vs HAR
Aug 31 Mumbai HYD vs CHE MUM vs JAI
Sep 1 Kolkata KOL vs PAT
Sep 2 Kolkata GUJ vs HAR KOL vs UP
Sep 3 Kolkata GUJ vs JAI KOL vs CHE
Sep 4 Kolkata Rest day Rest day
Sep 5 Kolkata PAT vs JAI KOL vs HAR
Sep 6 Kolkata DEL vs BLR KOL vs MUM
Sep 7 Kolkata HYD vs PUN KOL vs DEL
Sep 8 Haryana HAR vs PAT GUJ vs UP
Sep 9 Haryana PAT vs MUM HAR vs BLR
Sep 10 Haryana BLR vs PUN HAR vs HYD
Sep 11 Haryana Rest day Rest day
Sep 12 Haryana KOL vs HYD HAR vs DEL
Sep 13 Haryana CHE vs UP HAR vs PUN
Sep 14 Haryana HAR vs JAI
Sep 15 Ranchi PAT vs HYD MUM vs GUJ
Sep 16 Ranchi BLR vs HYD PAT vs UP
Sep 17 Ranchi JAI vs DEL PAT vs KOL
Sep 18 Ranchi Rest day Rest day
Sep 19 Ranchi PUN vs HAR PAT vs BLR
Sep 20 Ranchi PAT vs CHE
Sep 21 Ranchi JAI vs HAR PAT vs UP
Sep 22 Delhi DEL vs MUM
Sep 23 Delhi BLR vs KOL DEL vs PUN
Sep 24 Delhi KOL vs CHE DEL vs HAR
Sep 25 Delhi Rest day Rest day
Sep 26 Delhi GUJ vs CHE DEL vs PAT
Sep 27 Delhi HYD vs JAI DEL vs UP
Sep 28 Delhi BLR vs MUM DEL vs HYD
Sep 29 Chennai CHE vs PUN GUJ vs PAT
Sep 30 Chennai PUN vs UP CHE vs JAI
Oct 1 Chennai JAI vs KOL CHE vs MUM
Oct 2 Chennai Rest day Rest day
Oct 3 Chennai DEL vs GUJ CHE vs HYD
Oct 4 Chennai MUM vs HAR CHE vs UP
Oct 5 Chennai CHE vs BLR
Oct 6 Jaipur JAI vs GUJ Wildcard match
Oct 7 Jaipur Wildcard match JAI vs MUM
Oct 8 Jaipur Wildcard match JAI vs PUN
Oct 9 Jaipur Rest day Rest day
Oct 10 Jaipur Wildcard match JAI vs DEL
Oct 11 Jaipur Wildcard match JAI vs HAR
Oct 12 Jaipur Wildcard match
Oct 13 Pune PUN vs GUJ KOL vs CHE
Oct 14 Pune CHE vs PAL PUN vs MUM
Oct 15 Pune BLR vs UP PUN vs DEL
Oct 16 Pune Rest day Rest day
Oct 17 Pune PUN vs HAR
Oct 18 Pune PAT vs BLR PUN vs JAI
Oct 19 Pune Diwali Diwali
Oct 20 Pune HYD vs KOL PUN vs GUJ
Oct 22-23 Mumbai Playoffs Playoffs
Oct 26-28 Chennai Playoffs Playoffs


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Super Playoffs: Qualifier 1: 2nd placed team in Zone A vs 3rd placed team in Zone B.

Qualifier 2: 3rd placed team in Zone A vs 2nd placed team in Zone B.

Qualifier 3: 1st placed team in Zone A vs 1st placed team in Zone B.

Eliminator 1: Winner of Qualifier 1 vs Winner of Qualifier 2.

Eliminator 2: Loser of Qualifier 3 vs Winner of Eliminator 1.

Final: Winner of Qualifier 3 vs Winner of Eliminator 2.

Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Schedule Download

Click the below link to download the Vivo PKL League Season 5 Fixtures PDF file.

Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Schedule

Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Match Format Explained

  • The teams from the same group will play each other three times, while franchises from different zones will only face off against each other once through the league phase of the season.
  • For those matches between different zones, there will be a designated inter-zonal challenge week – sounds exciting and complicated at the same time, doesn’t it – while there will also be an inter-zonal wildcard match, which will be played in October.
  • The 2017 edition of Pro Kabaddi, three teams from each zone will get into the playoffs.
  • From there, the playoffs – or the Super Playoffs as they’ve put it – get into IPL territory. However, due to the fact that there are six teams in the final phase, there will be an extra Qualifier and an extra Eliminator.
  • The teams have an opportunity to win one match in the playoffs and take-off straight into the final, while the loser of that Qualifier will also get a second bite at the cherry at making that finale in Eliminator 2.

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