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Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 : Tallest Ganesh Statues, Idols of 2016

Tallest Ganesh Statues, Idols of 2016: Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chaturthi,or Vināyaka Chavithi) is one of the auspicious festivals for Hindus. It is celebrated to honour the lord Ganesha. This festival celebration involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public pandals (temporary shrines) and group worship. From the past decade, Khairatabad Ganesh Statue has placed the top position in the list of the tallest Ganesh idol in India. But now some other cities also makes the tallest Ganesh statutes than the Khairatabad Ganesh idol. This year Andhra Pradesh’s new capital Vijayawada also participate in the race of making tallest Ganesh idols. These tallest Ganesh statutes are totally made out of clay. Check out the complete list regarding Tallest Ganesh Statutes in India 2016 in below.


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Vizag & Gajuwaka Ganesh Statue 2016:

Maha Ganapathi Yuvajana Seva Sangham from MVP Colony will be erecting the 100 foot-plus idol, which it says is the tallest in the Vizag city. Another group of organisers is erecting over the 78-foot eco-friendly Ganesh idol at Gajuwaka.

Visakhapatnam 100 foot Ganesh Idol holding the No.1 position in the list of Tallest Ganesh Statues 2016. While Gajuwaka Ganesh will be followed with 78-foot.

The largest laddu at weighing over 8 tonnes and worth `16.5 lakh for their pandal, the Visakha Integrated Social Welfare Association (VISWA) at Gajuwaka is now claiming to set up the highest idol in the state of about 70 to 80 feet.

The Gajuwaka Ganesh statue laddu weighs 29,465 Kg, costing a whopping 50 lakh rupees. The huge Tapesvaram laddu was made of 45 per cent sugar, 23 per cent Bengal gram, 27 per cent ghee and 5 per cent dry fruits.

Gajuwaka Ganesh Laddu weight is 12.50 tonnes and this will be made by Suruchi Foods, Tapeswaram, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh.

More details about Gajuwaka Ganesh Statue 2016:

Ganesh Statue Height : 78 Feet.

Ganesh Idol Posture : Vishnumurthy Avatharam

Ganesh Statue Location : VUDA Double Road of Old Gajuwaka.

Vijayawada Ganesh Statue 2016:

This is the first time in the history of Vijayawada to make a massive Ganesh idol. Vijayawada Ganesh Statue is 14 feet taller than the famous Khairatabad Ganesh Idol.

Dundee Ganesha Seva Samiti (DGSS) installed the Tallest Ganesh Statue in Vijayawada at Ghantasala Music College Grounds, and the Nimajjanam is celebrated on 16 September. For this Vinayaka, 40 tonnes of iron and 60 tonnes of clay were used. This Ganapathi statue is holding a huge laddu on its hand. This Laddu is being prepared by Tapeswaram Sweet makers.

Vijayawada Ganesh Laddu weighs 31,000 kilos was specially prepared in Tapeswaram and is being brought to the city in a special vehicle and it’s recorded in Guinness book as biggest Ganesh Laddu ever.

More details about Vijayawada Ganesh Statue 2016:

Ganesh Statue Height : 72 Feet.

Ganesh Idol Posture : –

Ganesh Statue Location : Ghantasala Music College Grounds.

Total Budget of the Project : –

Khairatabad Ganesh Statue 2016:

The famous Khairatabad Ganesh Idol holding the No.3 position in our tallest Ganesh idols 2016. There is nothing to say about the story behind Khairatabad Ganesh. Because everyone knows it. Nearly 200 workers were worked to complete this Ganesh idol. The current Khairatabad Ganesh Idol is 58 feet. which is one foot lower than the previous year.

According to the reports, the organizers are decided to not to place any huge laddu at Khairatabad Ganesh Idol. Laddu weight is reduced to 500 kg and this will be made by Suruchi Foods, Tapeswaram, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh.

More details about Khairatabad Ganesh Statue 2016:

Ganesh Statue Height : 58 feet .

Ganesh Statue Location : Khairatabad, Hyd

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