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7 Smart ideas for your Smart kitchen

Everyone wants to keep their kitchen well- organized and smart. We spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing our kitchen that makes it so hectic. Why not adopt some tricks to organize your kitchen in a way so we can find everything so easily without any effort. And to help you do that, we are here with some smart ideas to make your smart kitchen look even smarter.

Having a smart kitchen is very important considering the present generation difficulties and time constraints. Most of the difficult work can be done by the smart appliances on the click of a switch only. As for example, you can make home-like cooked Rotis with just a click on Rotimatic Rotimaker.

Use a pegboard

There is so much stuff like pots, pans, ladle, spatula and many more which can be adjusted on the pegboard instead of wasting up space over the cabinets. There are a lot of things which you need now and then in the kitchen, so they should be placed in a way that can be easily approachable. Instead of filling up your space and cluttering it with a lot of items, you can simply utilize your wall and make it look smarter also.

Over the Top of Your Cabinets

The top area of the cabinets is the most important part of your kitchen as it is the place that you can use for your extra things which are not much required daily. There is a lot of stuff like extra serving bowls, extra utensils, containers, etc which you don’t need much or need mostly on a special occasion. You can put all these extra things on the top of your cabinets to keep your work area clean and organized.

7 Smart ideas for your Smart kitchen

Put your Barbeque Sticks into good use

Why not go a little DIY to give your kitchen a cool look. Other than finding a place to put your barbeque sticks intact, put them together in a way to make it a knives holder. Use a top-round container or anything where you can place all your barbeque sticks together and in between put your knives to make a cool knives holder. This way, both of your things will find a perfect place.

Use Spice Racks

There are a lot of innovative spice racks available in the market to give your kitchen a smart look. Old were the days when you needed to buy a lot of jars of keeping spices and occupying too much space. Today, as everything comes in a compact form, why not use a compact and cool spice holder for your kitchen?

These compact spice holders will not only help you save your kitchen space but will also help you keep all of them together at a place so you don’t have to waste your time in finding the ones you need every time.

Use Transparent Jars

Don’t you think it will get too hectic to open each container to find the particular one ingredient you want? As everything gets smarter, why not become a little smarter and use transparent storage containers so you can easily find whatever you want with just a single glimpse? Using transparent jars not only saves your time as well as energy, but it will give your kitchen a great look.

Include Retractable drawers at the sink area also

Your sink is the most neglected area in the kitchen where no one put anything. We have a cool idea for you to utilize your space in the best way where you can put all your sanitary products like cleaners, liquids, etc.

You can add some retractable drawers in that area that will help you keep all your sanitary products or anything extra. These ways, this space will be fully utilized by giving your kitchen a smarter look.

Get Some Smart and Compact Looking Appliances

To make your smart kitchen even smarter, the biggest thing you need to do in your kitchen is to get some smart appliances for yourself. These appliances to take most of the space in your kitchen as there are now a lot of appliances to keep there and all of them are important and needed daily.

Allotting spate places to them is the toughest work especially when you have a very small kitchen. There are a lot of cool designs that give your kitchen a great look. Always try to find appliances that take less space and look smarter having the latest features. Some of these appliances are given below which you should have and how you should keep them.

Roti Maker

There are a lot of modern kitchen appliances that are a lot in trend these days like Rotimatic flatbread maker, which helps in reducing your workload by making Rotis. This device can help you a lot

This Rotimatic soft bread maker not only cooks a roti but it does the whole process involved in making a roti from kneading dough to puffing and cooking one. As per Rotimatic reviews by Vidhya, this is the smart product ever made for easing kitchen work that also looks compact and elegant.


Another thing you must get for your smart kitchen is a toaster. However, there is not much evolution in toaster technology, but the designs are becoming more and smarter. Choose a toaster that can fit into your kitchen easily by not occupying much space.


Having a microwave in your kitchen has become a necessity nowadays. Microwaves come in various features and sizes. You can choose one according to your needs. If possible, make a separate shelf on a wall or buy a cabinet-shelf that you can keep in your kitchen where you can place it. This way, you can keep it separate from the counter area and your kitchen counter will be clean for doing work freely.

Griller/sandwich maker

Griller or a sandwich is another important thing which most people have in their kitchen nowadays. This helps in reducing the efforts one needs to put while making a sandwich or grilling something. With its help, you can simply put it inside the appliance and it will get ready within a limited period.

You can keep them on an open shelf or the kitchen counter as these are the less space occupying appliances. Try to keep them in a corner where it will not get into contact with anything hot. Keep them covered with a piece of cloth so it does not get dirty easily.

You can also follow this rotimatic page for more kitchen hacks and Ideas for home cooked food and how you can make your life simple and hassle free.

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