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8 Important Graphic Design Trends For 2022

If people had to describe 2020 and 2021, the most would go with the word turmoil. Indeed, what we’ve witnessed within these two years is hard to digest. The rapid pandemic outbreak and a surge in social and cultural protests tremendously influenced our society and the business world, with the graphic design industry being among them.

These two years of turmoil were tough for graphic design and people working within the field. And this impact is hard not to catch. Creative specialists have been at the forefront of the globe’s changes, displaying critical things people pursue to achieve. We’ve observed a dramatic change in marketing approaches and its emphasis to tackle the world’s request to treat people equally and respect their rights alongside cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds. 

Brands come up with inclusive logos, often using a free logo maker online to show their person-oriented focus. They also alter their marketing campaigns and become more open-minded and aware of people’s needs. 

Is it possible to predict what trends will prevail in 2022? Yes, by analyzing the market. We’ve done the latter and put together eight graphic design trends that will likely remain in the upcoming year.

Graphic Design Trends


Revealing quotes 

We could observe mere dusk of the use of quotes in the marketing arena in the preceding years, but if you thought that quotes would never come back, you were wrong. Quotes seem to resurface. In fact, their reappearance will gladly be met because people have been longing for quotes, and not those invigorating Just do it stuff, but strong quotes that divulge companies’ identity and beliefs.

Companies start using quotes and endow a different meaning with them. For example, to kick off a discussion, reach out to the customers, or even showcase a brand’s philosophy or political stance, to name a few.

Distinct and accurate infographics

Whether you focus on fun data or critical facts, how you deliver this data matters the most. Publishing lengthy posts and attaching several images to them is a thing of the past. These days, companies revamp their visual approaches and represent data by using infographics. The great thing about infographics is that you can apply it to practically any data you use. Myriads of templates exist on the Internet, so choosing the most relevant infographics to your data is a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Documented social media references 

It may seem that this trend is similar to the first one from the above. And you’ll have a point. And yet, there is one crucial difference between the two. While the mentioned trend is mainly used to demonstrate the brand’s ideology, this one focuses more on establishing credibility and calling for action. Social media references (like screenshots of influential people’s posts on social platforms), whatever network they’ve been posted on, have likes and reposts. And the higher numbers of such reactions they have, the more powerful they are.

Idiosyncratic memes

Memes can comfort us, make us laugh, sharpen our feelings, and help us bond with others. The concept of memes goes way beyond simple entertainment. Creating them requires cognitive and linguistic brainstorming to make sure the readers comprehend the main message. The graphic design field will jump on that bandwagon, customizing memes and making them exceptional, visually appealing, and meaningful.

Straightforward fonts

It’s not uncommon for brands to develop unique fonts to ensure they are one-of-a-kind. And while it’s often efficient, people strive to find some tranquility these days and recharge their batteries. So they often prefer to read something simple and fundamental in terms of visuals. And that’s when simple fonts come into play. They can calm the reader and meet their aesthetic expectations.

Graphic Design Trends 2022


Noticeable backgrounds

Undoubtedly, brands always want to be vibrant and visually attractive to make people remember them. Some bank on the color palette and make their visuals maximalist. Others, in turn, lean toward minimalism and prefer a blur background photo editor. Both strategies are practical and will be employed in 2022.

Mesmerizing and demanding illustrations

The mentioned trends are pretty doable to create, and the question of whether there will be more challenging undertakings may thus arise. Yes, graphic designers will have to put plenty of effort when it comes to the software they use to create visuals. In 2022, we will observe a spike in the mix of 3D and flat illustrations and banners, reaching equilibrium in use with unicolored backgrounds.

Vivid human diversity

In light of recent events, inclusivity has become on brands’ marketing agenda. Companies start generating visuals to demonstrate their onboard diversity and highlight the importance of inclusivity. What we’ve seen so far–ads and visuals emphasizing the essence of different races, genders, minority groups, people with disabilities–is only a small fraction of what we are about to witness in the coming year. 

Important Graphic Design Trends For 2022



The past two years have been saturated with events that directly impact graphic design, resulting in more articulate, vigorous, and communicative visuals. 2022 is the chance for brands to display their values and identity. Every company will have to pay close attention to its graphic design approaches. And if you are among them, the above list of trends will help you with that. Learning them will allow you to design astute, gripping, and inclusive visuals that unveil your brand’s philosophy.

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