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8 Signs Dating Apps Affect Your Mental Health

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine your life without dating sites and apps when you decide to find your soulmate. Dating applications are addictive, turning into a funny but periodically toxic game. Obsession with online dating can bring a lot of disappointment in people and affect self-esteem. Let’s figure out how to understand that it’s time to give up applications at least temporarily to save your mental health. 

1. You take everything personally 

On the Internet, people can especially easily insult, deceive, or somehow offend others. It is important to learn how to not take toxic comments or messages from strangers too personally. Of course, these comments can be aimed at your features, but they still don’t belong to you because the person on the other side of the screen knows nothing about you. If you are looking for Ukrainian women for marriage, and you notice that the behaviour of other users in the application starts to hurt you, then you should immediately block them so as not to waste time and nerves on unwanted communication. You shouldn’t dwell on the unpleasant words that you get. Unfamiliar people should not create your mood. 

2. You edit your photos 

Correcting the light, levelling the horizon, cutting off the excess are required actions to create a quality photo, which is a sign of good taste in social networks today. But, unfortunately, photo editors also offer many unrealistic effects that change the appearance, adjusting it to the standards set by the media. If you are afraid to post photos without careful processing, it is worth considering how healthy your attitude towards dating applications and social networks is. You should not lie about yourself when dating on the Internet.

3. You think all the users are the same 

Prejudice against users can be a side effect of using dating apps for too long. There are many inadequate people or those who are looking only for entertainment. However, you are not the only one who has downloaded the application to meet someone worthy and get a chance for a serious relationship. Giving all the users the same qualities, you stop seeing the individuality of a new acquaintance.

4. Users in the app affect how you assess yourself 

The drawback of dating applications is that they don’t have an individual approach to searching for your perfect match: there are many offers, and people boldly refuse them, not trying to get to know the candidates better. When registering, you should be ready for a bigger number of failures since there are more potential partners than in real life. If you notice that you begin to doubt yourself after another rejection and think that you are not worthy of a relationship, this is a sign that you should work on your perception of the situation.

8 Signs Dating Apps Affect Your Mental Health

5. You are afraid of real dates 

After talking on the Internet, an offline date can scare you even more than approaching someone on the street. Remind yourself that the dating app loses its meaning without real meetings. Try not to postpone the first date, only in this way you will be able to understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate with this person.

6. You feel used 

If due to frequent disappointments in the dating applications, you have a distrust of users and a feeling that none of them takes you seriously, it may be worth it to stop searching for a while. Like any social network, applications can seriously affect self-esteem. Sometimes, giving them up is the best way to take care of yourself. Without the ability to trust and open up to new people, it is difficult to create close relationships. Try not to let dating apps influence your attitude to others in real life.

7. You feel stress when you enter the application 

Try to notice what you feel when open the dating application. If more often it is tension, stress, fear of disappointment, and other negative feelings, this is a sure sign that it is time to take a break. The dating apps are for fun, love, and certainly not for concern. More often remind yourself that you should not take them too seriously.

8. You waste time on useless correspondence 

If you have a bunch of meaningless conversations with different users in the application, but you haven’t had an offline date yet, then it does not fulfil its function. Think about what this flirtation is for: does it make you feel important or are these users interesting interlocutors? Those who are looking for real relationships in the application should not delay the meeting with a potential partner. Do not let Internet romance overshadow real life, so consciously dispose of your resources when choosing an interlocutor.

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