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All the Basic Cricket Betting Terms Explained

Speaking about one of the most famous sports in the world will bring Cricket into the spotlight. Yes, people all over the world love cricket whereas the stadiums remain packed even in 2019. If you are from India and love betting, you can look for the 10Cric best betting odds in India and perform betting, in a better way. 

Coming down to sports like cricket in India, it is played in almost every region. Whether it’s the northeastern region or the south, Cricket has become the second air in India. 

Therefore, if you are new to the world of cricket betting, this article will deliver you some amazing terms explained. 

Come along as we unwrap the most essential cricketing terms explained in the simplest manner. 

All the Basic Cricket Betting Terms Explained

Take a Look at Betting Terminologies

1st Over Run in Total :

This predicts whether the number of runs made in the first over will predict to be over or under the limit given by the betting provider. 

1st Method of Wicket :

This type of prediction is about the number of ways through which the wicket can be taken. There are a total of six different ways that offer LBW, bowled, Runout, caught, stumped and many others. 

A Hundred or a Fifty scored in the 1st Innings :

In cricket, there are two divergent markets present. Both the markets deal with the number of runs that are scored in the first innings. 

Currently, there two bets are available in the face of No or Yes. Usually, the bets are offered in the test matches 

A hundred or a Fifty made in the 1st Match :

In this scenario, there exist 2 markets in total. This case takes the entire match into consideration. 

Here, the number of 100s and the 50s the player can make in a match impacts the entire betting mechanism. Most commonly, this type of bets works in T20 matches where the game runs in a fast track mode. 

Batsman Matches :

This scenario involves imaginary duels that are made among the betting man and the batsman. In this case, the batsman that scores the highest number of runs eventually wins the duel case. 

Dead Heat :

The dead heat situation occurs when there exist more than two winners in the same betting. If 2 batsmen are present with similar runs, the rule is applied after which the betting value is divided into equal half proportions. 

No Bet Draw :

This type of thing occurs when the match has got high chances to result in a draw. In this case, it offers the possibilities of the match ending with only two outcomes. 

Futures :

In this case, the entire betting happens in the event that will take place in the future. 

Hedging :

In this scenario, the betting provider keeps wagers on the opposite side. This type of stuff is done to cut down the losses in case the original betting is completely lost. 

Highest Partnership in Opening Case :

In this type of betting, the entire betting market cops with the fielding team, opening partnership and the highest number of runs scored. 

Lock :

Whenever a bet has high chances to win quite easily, the lock type situation occurs. 

Man of the Match :

This type of betting term signifies the list of individual players that perform to the best of potential. 

Most Match Sixes :

It depicts the prediction based on the team that will win the most sixes

Most Run-Outs :

The team that is capable to take the most wickets by the run-out method. 

Over/Under :

It’s a type of bet on the overall team that will be less or more than the betting people.

Point Spread :

It’s a type of market where the team has got the highest chances to beat the team based on the strength.

Series Score :

It resembles betting on almost all the possible outcomes which are about to happen in the match. 

Final Word of Mouth

After reading the entire article, hope you gave got the best of all cricket betting term. Every single betting term is explained in the simplest way where you can learn those and perform cricket betting in the most efficient way. 

Hence at this stage, all the new online betting people can do is to learn the basics first. After that, you can perform cricket betting, as and when you want.

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