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Is Anmol Tukrel Search Engine is Better Than Google ?

Google search engine is one of the best and most usable search engine than compare to others. But, now a 16 years old Indian-origin Canadian citizen kid claims his search engine is better than Google search engine. Once again india proved that the country is best to produce the techies to the world. After Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, Now its time for an another indian. He is none other than Anmol Tukrel. Anmol Tukrel claims his search engine is 47 percent more accurate than Google, and 21 percent more accurate than on an average. Let’s have a brief look about the Anmol Tukrel search engine.

Anmol Tukrel Search Engine

Anmol Tukrel Search Engine

Anmol Tukrel, a sixteen years old canadian citizen of indian origin. he has just completed tenth grade. As a part of Google science fair, a global online competition that is open to students aged 13 to 18 years he designed his personalised search engine and claims that his search engine is 47 % more accurate than Google, and 21 % more accurate than on an average. He spent nearly 60 hours to code and build a search engine.

In the words of Anmol Tukrel

Anmol Tukrel said, “I thought I would do something in the personalized search space. It was the most genius thing ever. But when I realized Google already does it, I tried taking it to the next level.” Anmol was in India for a two-week internship programme at IceCream Labs, Bangalore.

Anmol Tukrel Kit : Anmol Tukrel development kit included only a computer with 1GB free storage space, a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet programme and access to Google and New York Times.

Why Anmol Tukrel Search Engine is better ?

According to Anmol Tukrel Normally personlisation depends on certain factors like users location, browsing history and applications which are installed on their devices. But this is only one side. Anmol Tukrel said his search engine tries to understand context and meaning.

With the consent of his parents he is presently running a company named  Tacocat Computers.

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