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AP Budget 2018-19 Live Updates | Highlights PDF Download

Andhra Pradesh (AP) Govt Budget: Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu will present Budget for 2018-19 with an outlay of around Rs 2 lakh crore on Thursday, March 8, 2018, at 11:30 am in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. The state government is presenting a jumbo budget with an eye on general elections. The Finance department has received budgetary proposals from various departments for an amount of Rs 2.32 lakh crore. The state government presented the budget for 2017-18 with an outlay of Rs 1.56 lakh crore. Check out the below article to know about the AP Budget 2018-2019 Highlights in English & Telugu Language PDF File Free Download & New Schemes in Andhra Pradesh State Budget and other details.


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AP Budget 2018-19 Live Updates | Live Streaming | Online Watch

AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu on Thursday, March 08, 2018, is presenting the 2018-19 state Budget in the Andhra Pradesh State Assembly.

Viewers can watch the entire event live on TV9 Telugu, NTV Telugu, ETV, Sakshi, 10 TV, and other regional telugu channels from 12 pm onwards.

People who do not have access to television can watch the Andhra Pradesh State Budget 2018 session online. Check the below links where you can watch the Andhra Budget 2018 live online.

AP Budget 2018-2019 on 10 TV Live Streaming Youtube

Andhra Pradesh Budget 2018-19 on TV9 Telugu Live Youtube

AP State Budget 2018 NTV Live

AP Budget 2018-19 Highlights

The total budget is Rs 91,063 crores

The revenue expenditure is Rs 5,262 crores

Capital Expenditure is Rs 28, 671 crores

The fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs 24,205 crore

Growth rate: 10.96 percent

Welfare sector

Social Welfare – Rs 13,722 crore

For BCs – Rs. 35 crore

Kapu community – Rs 1,000 crore

Kapu social students – Rs 750 crore

Reservation – Rs 40 crore

Non-Brahmins Rs 30 Crores

Backward Classes – Rs. 100 crore

Christian minorities – Rs. 75 crore

Female child welfare – Rs 2839 crore

Tribal welfare – Rs 250 crore

BCC welfare – Rs. 4477 crores

Labour employment – Rs 902 crores

Social Security – Rs 3,029 crore

Handloom welfare – Rs.250 crores

Dwarka women – Rs 1,000 crore

For BCs and SCs under Chandranna wedding scheme – Rs 100 crore

The water project is Rs 500 crore

Electricity, agriculture and irrigation sector

Irrigation sector – Rs 16,978 crore

Irrigation department – Rs 9,000 crore

Agriculture – Rs 12,355 crores

The power sector is Rs 5,052 crore

Loan amount – Rs 4100 crores

Industries, transportation sector

Industries – Rs 3,700 crores

Transportation sector – Rs 4,653 crore

The environmental sector is estimated to be around Rs 4,00,999 crore

Food Processing Industries Rs 300 crore

Transport and road building – Rs 4,653 crore

Road development – Rs 1413 crore

Rural, housing and urban areas

Rural development – Rs 20,815 crore

Urban development – Rs.7,740 crore

Housing development – Rs 3,679 crore

House construction – Rs 575 crores

The municipal department has Rs 7,761 crore

Water and sanitation – Rs 2,623 crore

Visakhapatnam Chennai corridor Rs 1168 crores

Smart cities Rs 800 crore

An amount of Rs 1450 crores is for charity

RTC – Rs.200 crore

Amravati construction – Rs 7,741 crore

Amruth scheme is Rs 490 crore

Education, medicine, technology

General education – Rs 24,180 crore

Technical education – Rs 818 crore

Skill development – Rs 300 crore

Model schools Rs 377 crores

Residential schools Rs 670 crores

Unemployment benefit – Rs 1,000 crore

Sports and youth services – Rs 1,635 crore

Medical treatment – Rs 8,463 crore

Department of Information – Rs 224 crores

The infrastructure for various universities is Rs 20 crore

The cultural sector is Rs 94.98 crore

NTR Medical Services Rs 1,000 crore

Agricultural University Rs 357 crores

Municipal department – Rs 7,761 crore

MSME sector is worth Rs 200 crore

Industrial Trade – Rs 3,075 crore

Information Technology – Rs 1,000 crore

The agricultural budget is Rs 19,070 crore

AP Govt Budget 2018-19 Highlights in English & Telugu PDF Download

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