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Asian Games is a multi-sport event which will be held for every four years among athletes from all over Asia. 2018 is the year for the 18th edition of the Asian Games. This year it will be held from 18 August to 2 September 2018 in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang. The sporting event is also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018 or Jakarta Asian Games. The advance ticket booking of Asian Games 2018 will be available on the web portal www.kiostix.comCheck out the below article to know the Asian Games 2018 Ticket Prices, How to Book  Tickets and more info.


Asian Games 2018 Tickets Online Booking

There are total 10,000 athletes from 45 countries, will compete in 58 disciplines. The opening and closing ceremonies of the games will be held at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta.

The tickets will be available for purchase at the official 2018 Asian Games stands or merchandise shops in several shopping malls in Jakarta and Palembang, as well as at Games venues.

Prices are expected to start from IDR 30,000 (£1.61/$2.13/€1.81) and go up to more than IDR 100,000 (£5.32/$7.09/€6.03).

Tickets for the opening ceremony are priced between Rp 750,000 (US$52.50) and Rp 5 million, while for the closing ceremony tickets range from Rp 450,000 to Rp 2 million. Payment can be made with Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Indomaret minimarket, CIMB Clicks and Mandiri E-Cash.

You can purchase the Asian Games 2018 Tickets at the official online ticket seller As for sports events tickets, prices start at Rp 50,000.

Buy Asian Games 2018 Tickets Online

Events Tickets
Opening Ceremony (18 Aug 2018) Book Ticket
Closing Ceremony (02 Sep 2018) Book Ticket
All Sports Pass Book Ticket
Artistic Swimming Book Ticket
Diving Book Ticket
Swimming Book Ticket
Water Polo Book Ticket
Archery Book Ticket
Athletics Book Ticket
Badminton Book Ticket
Baseball Book Ticket
Basketball 3*3 Book Ticket
Basketball 5*5 Book Ticket
Beach Volleyball Book Ticket
Bowling Book Ticket
Boxing Book Ticket
Bridge Book Ticket
Canoe Slalom Book Ticket
Canoe Sprint Book Ticket
Cycling: BMX Race Book Ticket
Cycling: Mountain Bike Book Ticket
Cycling: Road Race Book Ticket
Cycling: Track Book Ticket
Equestrian Book Ticket
Fencing Book Ticket
Football: Men Book Ticket
Football: Women Book Ticket
Golf Book Ticket
Gymnastics: Artistic Book Ticket
Gymnastics: Rhythmic Book Ticket
Gymnastic: Trampoline Book Ticket
Handball Book Ticket
Hockey Book Ticket
Indoor Volleyball Book Ticket
Jet Ski Book Ticket
Judo Book Ticket
Jujitsu Book Ticket
Kabaddi Book Ticket
Karate Book Ticket
Kurash Book Ticket
Modern Pentathlon Book Ticket
Paragliding Book Ticket
Pencak Silat Book Ticket
Roller Sport: Roller Skating Book Ticket
Rowing Book Ticket
Rugby 7 Book Ticket
Sailing Book Ticket
Sambo Book Ticket
Sepaktakraw Book Ticket
Shooting Book Ticket
Roller Sport: Skateboarding Book Ticket
Soft Tennis Book Ticket
Softball Book Ticket
Specific Sport Pass Book Ticket
Sport Climbing Book Ticket
Squash Book Ticket
Table Tennis Book Ticket
Taekwondo Book Ticket
Tennis Book Ticket
Triathlon Book Ticket
Weightlifting Book Ticket
Wrestling Book Ticket
Wushu Book Ticket

Asian Games2018 Tickets Terms and Conditions and More Information: Click Here

18th Asian Games 2018 Schedule:

Week 1 Schedule

C – Event Competition M – Medal Competition (Event Finales)

August 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Aquatics – Swimming M M M M M M
Aquatics – Water polo C C M C C C
Archery C C C C C
Athletics M
Badminton C C C
Baseball – Baseball C
Baseball – Softball C C C C M
Basketball – 5 x 5 C C C C C C C
Basketball – 3 x 3 C C C C
Bowling M M C M
Boxing C C
Bridge C C C C
Canoeing – Slalom M M
Canoeing – Sprint C
Canoeing – Traditional boat race C C M
Cycling – BMX (race) M
Cycling – Mountain bike M M
Cycling – Road M M M
Equestrian – Dressage M C M
Equestrian – Eventing C C
Fencing M M
Football C C C C C C
Golf C C C M
Gymnastics – Artistic M M M M M
Handball C C C C C
Field hockey C C C C C C C
Jet ski M M M
Kabaddi C C C C C M
Karate M M M
Martial arts – Kurash M M M M
Martial arts – Pencak silat C C C C C M
Martial arts – Wushu M M M M M
Paragliding C C C M C
Rowing C C C C M M
Sailing C C C
Sepaktakraw C C M C C C C
Shooting M M M M M
Sports climbing C C C C C M
Squash C C C
Table tennis C
Tennis – Tennis C C C C M C C
Volleyball – Beach C C C C C C C
Volleyball – Indoor C C C C C C C
Weightlifting M M M M M M M

Week 2 Schedule

August/September 26 27 28 29 30 31 1
Aquatics – Diving M M M M M
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming M M M
Aquatics – Water polo C C C C C C M
Archery C M M
Athletics M M M M M
Badminton M C C C C M M
Baseball – Baseball C C C C C C C
Basketball – 5 x 5 C C C C C M
Basketball – 3 x 3 M
Bowling C M M M
Boxing C C C C C M
Bridge M C C C C C C
Canoeing – Sprint C C M M C M M
Cycling – BMX (freestyle) M
Cycling – Track M M M M M M
Equestrian – Eventing M
Equestrian – Jumping M M
Fencing M M M M
Football C C C M
Gymnastics – Rhythmic M M
Gymnastics – Trampoline M
Handball C C C M M
Field hockey C C C M M
Jet ski M
Judo M M M M
Martial arts – Jujitsu M M M M
Martial arts – Pencak silat M
Martial arts – Sambo M M M
Modern pentathlon M M
Paragliding C C M C C C M
Roller sports – Roller skating C M
Roller sports – Skateboarding C M
Rugby sevens C M
Sailing C C C C M
Sepaktakraw C M C C C C M
Shooting M M
Squash C M C C C C M
Table tennis C M C C C M M
Taekwondo M M M M M
Tennis – Tennis C C M M
Tennis – Soft tennis C M M M M
Triathlon M M
Volleyball – Beach C M M
Volleyball – Indoor C C C C C M M
Weightlifting M
Wrestling M M M M M

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