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Bangalore Dangerous Bike Race Accident 4 Died !! At Airport Road – Live Video

Speed thrills but kills. This proverb is once again proved by some students in Bangalore. We have seen many bike race accidents but this is more fatal accident than the others. As per the reports this accident was occurred at Airport Road in Bangalore. When we observe the CCTV footage we have noticed one thing i.e. they used very expensive bikes like KTM 200, Honda CBR, Yamaha R15 etc. We found some mistake what they have done while riding, In below article we providing the reasons for Bangalore Bike Race Accident. This video is presently going viral on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can watch the Horrible Bengaluru Bike Race Accident by clicking on the video.

Bangalore Bike Race Accident Video

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Reasons for Bangalore Bike Race Accident :

  • Riding too close to the curb,
  • Airport road, wrong location.
  • Wrong time (Night)
  • Above all RACING…!!

Note that this incident might have happened in Malaysia and there is no clarity over it but the below is the video that will freak you out.

Bengaluru Bike Race Accident Live Video :

We suggest every youngster or racing freak out there, kindly to care about your lives and your dear ones before participate in the race.

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