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How to Generate/Change SBI ATM PIN Online within 1 Minute

So, you want to generate or change your SBI ATM PIN online.

If you have SBI internet banking account, then you can generate or change your SBI debit card PIN within 1 minute.

State Bank of India is India’s largest public sector bank with 420 million customers in SBI, and more than 24,000 branches and 59,000 ATMs.

Every day, so many users want to change their SBI debit card PIN because of various reasons.

And some people forget their ATM PIN due to not using that card in recent time.

Also, remember one thing that even if you remember your PIN, you need to change your PIN once in 3 months. If we don’t change our ATM card PIN frequently there is a change that hackers will hack our debit card.

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Generally, people go to their local branch to change their PIN. But it will take a lot of time. They will send your new PIN by post.

You can also change your PIN through SBI ATM machine. We will write a separate article on this.

So now we are providing a simple way to change your SBI debit card PIN online within 1 minute through SBI net banking.

Let’s check how to change your SBI ATM PIN through SBI’s online e-services.

How to Generate ATM PIN For SBI Debit Card through Online

Are you ready to change your PIN?

Let’s jump to the process.

1st go to SBI official website: https://www.onlinesbi.com

Click on Login under Personal Banking section.

SBI Personal Banking Login

Click on ” Continue to Login “.

SBI Online Banking Login

Login to your SBI internet banking with your Username and Password.

SBI Online Login

After successful login, click on ” e-services ” on the top menu.

sbi atm card

There you will see a list of SBI’s e-services. Click on ” ATM Card Services 

sbi atm pin generation

Then the list of ATM card services will appear on the screen. You can request new ATM card or block existing ATM card with the help of this section.

Go to ” ATM PIN Generation “.

how to generate sbi atm pin

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You can change your SBI ATM PIN in two ways either “Using One Time Password (OTP)” or “Using Profile Password“.

So select any one option and submit.

how to activate sbi debit card

Here, I have chosen Profile Password. So I’m entering my SBI internet banking account profile password.

sbi atm pin

Next, you need to select your SBI account number and click on continue.

sbi atm pin generation through sms

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In the next window, you need to select your SBI debit card that you wish to change the PIN and submit.

how to generate atm pin for sbi debit card

You are just one step away to change your PIN.

Guys, remember that you can’t set total 4 digits as per your wish.

You can only set first 2 digits. Last 2 digits will be sent to your mobile number.

So enter your desired first 2 digits and submit.

how to change atm pin

Then, immediately you will receive a message to your mobile number like this.

Last two digits for ATM PIN change request is XX67. Do not share it with anyone.

I got 67 as last 2 digits of my ATM PIN. You will receive a different number.

In the next window, we need to enter our total 4 digits to change our SBI debit card PIN.

sbi pin generation

Enter your 4 digits of New PIN and click on submit.

This message will appear on the screen.

New ATM Pin number has been updated successfully.

In case of PIN generated for New ATM Card, Kindly perform your first transaction at any State Bank Group ATMs for activation OR use OnlineSBI post login link under e-Services–>ATM Card Services–>New ATM Card Activation.

That’s it, guys. You have successfully changed your SBI ATM PIN.

I hope this article will help you to change your SBI debit card PIN. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who forgot their ATM PIN.

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