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Simbu | Anirudh – Beep Song Lyrics, Controversy – Full Story

Beep Song Controversy: After his love affairs with actress once again our favorite actor Simbu (STR) came into headlines by his Controversial Beep Song Which is going viral from the last few days. A huge controversy has been kicked up after the release of the ‘Beep Song’ allegedly crooned by actor Simbu, and composed by Anirudh. The song was not meant to be released publicly, rather it was strictly restricted to Simbu and Anirudh’s friend circle. But someone from their close circle leaked the song online, which resulted in a major controversy. So many guys requested me to publish a article regarding Beep Song. For the sake of those guys here we are giving the complete story of Beep Song Controversy, Lyrics.


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Beep Song Controversy – Full Story:

Simbu’s ‘Beep Song’ is composed by young music director Anirudh Ravichandran. The song, which is popularly known as ‘Beep song’ starts the with line “Enna P***** Love Panrom?”. Though the cuss words are beeped, they are pretty much audible. The ‘Beep Song’ is being considered outrightly sexist, vulgar and anti-women.

The Beep song was first leaked on YouTube and it subsequently went viral, offending fans of both artists and also stirred quite a bit of unrest among social activists.

Simbu about Beep Song:

“How can someone invade my privacy and steal a song that I composed with Anirudh for fun a few years back, during one of our jam sessions criticize for the cuss words used in it? We have been working on it for the last few years during our free time and some idiot has stole it from my phone and posted it on the net. I owe no explanation nor am I answerable to anyone regarding this. This song is neither official and it is not meant to be used in any film album.”

Anirudh about Beep Song:

Anirudh clarified on social media, by saying “Hello all. I was preoccupied with my concert in Toronto dedicated to the flood victims in Tamil Nadu. I would like to clarify my stand on the subject of the beep song. It is neither my composition nor my lyrics and I am not the singer. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, my name has been dragged into this controversy. I have the greatest regard and respect for women as can be clearly seen in many of my own compositions. I deeply regret this undesirable situation and want to put an end to all speculations regarding the same”.

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Beep Song Lyrics:

Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Loveaa Eanda Pannurom….

Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Loveaa Eanda Pannurom…

Santhosama Irrukanumnu Lovea Pannurom
Santhosatha Kedukumpadi Avalum Pannura
Ponnungala Thitatha Mama Unna Neeyea Thitiko Mama
Ponnungala Thitatha Mama Unna Neeyea Thitiko Mama…


Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Eanna Pu…..ku Love Pannurom
Loveaa Eanda Pannurom….

Thanni Adikatha Thaadiya Valakatha
Dhammu Pudikatha Totala Wasteu…
Eanna Aanalum Avalukaga Alluvatha Poona Poorada
Past Is Fasteu….

Vittutu Poitaanu Alluvatha Daaa
Unna Vittutomeanu Ava Alluvanum Daaaa
Thothutomea Nee Kalangatha Daaaa
Un Kathaloda Tholvi Thaan Un Valkaiyoda Vetrieaa…

Ponnungala Thitatha Mama
Unna Neeyea Thitiko Mama
Loveva Mattum Pannatha Mama
Avala Vena va….ko Mama aamaa…


Aambala Manasa Odaika Thearinja Thaanda
Pombala Ava Pombala
Antha Odanja Manasoda Vaala Therinja Thaanda
Aambala Namma Aambala

Unnakaga Oruthi Poranthuruka
Nee Innum Paakala Avala Paakala
Unna Dar Dara Kilichu Uttutu Poonavala
Marakala Enda Innum Marakala

Unnakaga Oruthiya Annupa Mudivu Pannitaan
Athukaga Ivala Un Kitta Irrunthu Pudingitaan
Varuvaa Athu Varaikum Neee Muditu Summa Irrudaaaa Mama…..

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