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Best PHP Frameworks for Startups in 2021

Currently, a lot of outstanding companies use PHP frameworks as a base for their websites. The question is: why do such reputed platforms as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Tumblr decide to include PHP in their software stacks? Obviously because this scripting language has proved itself to fulfill all the development and performance needs of websites and startups in particular. So, let’s look at the most appropriate PHP frameworks for setting up a business web page.

Best PHP Frameworks for Startups in 2021


The reason why Laravel is suitable for startups lies in its efficient and secure facilitation of complex web development. This framework simplifies such tasks like caching, routing, and authentication of data. Among Laravel the most prominent features are the Artisan command-line interface, MVC pattern, eloquent ORM and more. 

Provided cache backend full support, Laravel can cater to applications of all sizes. The valuable option for Laravel beginners is the opportunity of customization. In other words, you can choose not to follow the standard routes but to drive your web development the way YOU want. 

Nowadays, new businesses and startups are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Thus, it’s crucial to stand out on the market and catch up with the latest trends. So if you seek a right solution, Laravel must be your top choice, which will cover all the problematic holes.


Symfony is another top-notch cross-platform PHP framework, that is especially good for large project development. Although Symfony is older than Laravel, this is rather a benefit, than a drawback. Because from a time prospective, Symfony is more reliable and secure in terms of web development, especially for startup founders. 

Laravel and Symfony have one more common feature: they both use a model-view-controller pattern. It helps to write a less redundant code and come up with scalable web solutions. Moreover, installation and arrangement processes of Symfony on the majority of platforms is a piece of cake. 

Excitedly enough, Symfony framework has more surprises in the box. They are Bundles and Components. The first ones are independent code libraries and the second ones are framework parts which can handle a certain task. Altogether they prevent risks of breaking other parts of the system while implementing changes. In such a way, you can adapt the solution to any requirements and user scenarios to create a highly flexible application.


Yii is a high-performance object-oriented PHP framework. It contains a collection of official documentation like tutorials for developing a simple web application. The key benefit of Yii framework is its philosophy concerning simple yet sophisticated code writing. Thanks to this feature, it is pretty easy for web devs to customize or debug the program.

Yii provides the user with a good deal of options for layouts, which enable unique designing of the web page. We won’t reinvent the wheel stating this framework’s clean caching support and strong security mechanisms. Caching  helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application. Whereas security mechanisms are able to handle efficiently such concerns as cookie attacks, malicious code injection or unwanted action occurrences. Besides, Yii offers a range of tools to automate many of the repetitive tasks in projects. This saves developers’ time and allows them to focus on core business requirements and logic. 

Overall, PHP is a perfect platform for organizing your development process and diminishing your developer’s workload. However, there is no universal framework for your future startup. You should consider each framework’s strengths and weaknesses and such factors as security, scalability, ease of use, and documentation. Also your choice should be based on your requirements of the features you want to incorporate into creating an app that is best for the rest. No matter what is your initial goal, SapientPro development team can provide you with a fruitful ground for your business startup.

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