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Black Listed Universities in The USA 2016 Complete List

Black Listed Universities in The USA: Are you a student want to go to The USA (United States of America) for higher studies like MS or any other master degree? So, qualifying in Gre, Toefl & IELTS is not the only criteria for you. You have to check your university details whether it is in Blacklist or Not. If you want to join in a blacklisted university then, you will stop at immigration and they will send you back. For the sake of those students, here we are giving the latest (updated) list of Black Listed Universities in The USA. We all know that recently Air India has stopped 19 Indian students from boarding its flight. This is because those universities were blacklisted, students who are in a dilemma which universities are blacklisted can check the list of Universities given below which are blacklisted.

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Black Listed Universities in The USA 2016 Complete List:

  1. American Bible College University Arizona
  2. American Central University Wyoming
  3. American Century University New Mexico
  4. American Coastline University
  5. American University of Hawaii
  6. Ames Christian University Florida
  7. Andersonville Theological Seminary Camilla, Georgia
  8. Apostolic Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary Rochester Hills,Michigan
  9. B. H. Carroll Theological Institute Arlington, Texas
  10. Barrington University Mobile, Alabama (formerly operated by Virtual of Boca Raton, Florida)
  11. Belford University
  12. Beloved Community Seminary Oregon, Hawaii
  13. Bettis Christian University Arkansas
  14. Bienville University Woodville, Mississippi
  15. Cal Southern University
  16. California Graduate School of Theology
  17. Cambridge State University Jackson, Mississippi
  18. Canbourne University
  19. Canby Bible College Canby, Oregon
  20. Capital City Religious Institute Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  21. Carolina University of Theology Manassas, Virginia
  22. Chadwick University Alabama
  23. Charis School of Divinity Florida
  24. Christian Bible College Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  25. Christian Leadership University New York
  26. Clarksville School of Theology Clarksville, Tennessee
  27. Clayton College of Natural Health Alabama
  28. Clayton Theological Institute California
  29. Columbus University, Picayune, Mississippi
  30. Communion of Saints Seminary Oregon
  31. Cranmer Theological House Louisiana, Texas
  32. Crescent City Christian College Metairie, Louisiana
  33. Crown College Tacoma, Washington
  34. Delta International University of New Orleans
  35. Dispensational Theological Seminary Forest Grove, Oregon
  36. Dorcas University Honolulu, Hawaii
  37. Eastern Caribbean University Texas; St. Kitts, Virgin Islands
  38. Florida State Christian College Florida
  39. Frederick Taylor International University Hawaii; California
  40. Frederick Taylor University California
  41. Friends International Christian University Florida; California
  42. Full Gospel Christian College Pontiac, Michigan
  43. George Wythe College Cedar City, Utah
  44. Georgia Christian University Norcross, Georgia
  45. Golden State Baptist College Santa Clara, California
  46. Golden State School of Theology Stockton, California
  47. Heartland Baptist Bible College Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  48. Hiwassee College Tennessee
  49. Holy Trinity College and Seminary New Port Richey, Florida
  50. Honolulu University Hawaii
  51. Hubbard College of Administration International Los Angeles, California
  52. Hyles-Anderson College and Hyles-Anderson College Seminary Crown Point, Indiana
  53. Interfaith Seminary, formerly Interfaith School of Theology New Rochelle, New York
  54. International American University California; Nepal
  55. International Bible University Norwalk, California; Carpinteria, California; Hawaii
  56. International Seminary Plymouth, Florida
  57. International Theological University California
  58. International University of Ministry and Education Grandview, Missouri
  59. IOND University Hawaii; Japan
  60. Jacksonville Theological Seminary Southaven, Mississippi
  61. Kent College Louisiana
  62. Kentucky Christian University Ashland, Kentucky
  63. LaSalle University Louisiana
  64. Life Christian University Tampa, Florida
  65. Louisiana Baptist University Louisiana
  66. Louisiana Christian University Lake Charles, Louisiana
  67. Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary Louisiana
  68. Madison University Gulfport, Mississippi
  69. Master’s International School of Divinity Evansville, Indiana
  70. Miami Christian University Miami, Florida
  71. Morris Brown College Atlanta, Georgia
  72. Mountain States Baptist College Montana
  73. Nations University Monroe, Louisiana
  74. New Tribes Bible Institute
  75. New West Seminary Oregon City, Oregon
  76. North American Reformed Seminary Flagstaff, Arizona
  77. Novus University Diamondhead, Mississippi
  78. Ohio Christian College Ohio
  79. Oregon College of Ministry Gresham, Oregon
  80. Pacific International University Springfield, Missouri
  81. Pacific National University and Theological Institute Los Angeles, California
  82. Patriot Bible University Colorado
  83. Pensacola Bible Institute Pensacola, Florida
  84. Pensacola Christian College Pensacola, Florida
  85. Portland Bible College Portland, Oregon
  86. Providence Christian College Ontario, California
  87. Sacramento International University
  88. Saint Luke School of Medicine Liberia, California (US), Ghana
  89. Saint Martin’s College and Seminary Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  90. Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College Los Angeles, California
  91. Saint Wolbodo Seminary Baltimore, Maryland
  92. Sancta Sophia Seminary Oklahoma
  93. St. Paul’s College & Seminary Saint Paul, Minnesota
  94. St. Regis University Dominica, Liberia, Washington D.C., and Washington
  95. Success Seminary Oregon
  96. Suffield University Operating illegally in Connecticut
  97. Texas Christian Bible University Crowley, Texas
  98. Texas Theological University Texas
  99. The Bible Doctrine Institute Jacksonville, Florida
  100. Tyndale Theological Seminary Texas
  101. Universal Bible Institute Birmingham, Alabama
  102. University of Berkley Erie County, Pennsylvania
  103. University of Beverly Hills California
  104. University of Central Europe Pascagoula, Mississippi
  105. University of Natural Health Brandon, Mississippi
  106. University of Santa Monica
  107. University of Sedona Studio City, California, and Sedona, Arizona
  108. Washington International University Pennsylvania
  109. Washington School of Theology Oregon
  110. West Coast Baptist College Lancaster, California
  111. Western Michigan Bible Institute Muskegon, Michigan
  112. Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary Washington
  113. Académie Européene d’Informatisation
  114. Academy of Religious & Spiritual Studies
  115. Adam Smith University Saipan
  116. Akamai University
  117. All Saints American University
  118. Almeda University
  119. Ambassador University Corporation
  120. American City University
  121. American Global University
  122. American National University
  123. American Pacwest International University
  124. American University in London
  125. American University of London
  126. American World University
  127. Ashwood University
  128. Atlantic International University
  129. Barber-Scotia College
  130. Bennington University
  131. Berne University
  132. Bircham International University
  133. Blackpool University
  134. Breyer State University
  135. Bridgewater University
  136. British West Indies Medical College
  137. Bronte International University
  138. Buxton University
  139. Calamus International University
  140. Calvary Chapel Bible College
  141. Canterbury University (Seychelles)
  142. Canyon College
  143. Chase University
  144. Christ For The Nations Institute
  145. Colton University
  146. Columbia Pacific University
  147. Columbia State University
  148. Commonwealth Open University Virgin Islands
  149. Concordia College and University
  150. Concordia Theologica Institute For Biblical Studies
  151. Donsbach University (or Donsback University)
  152. Dublin Metropolitan University
  153. Earlscroft University
  154. Ellington University
  155. Eternity Bible College
  156. European Open University
  157. Fairfax University
  158. Faith Seminary – Salem Oregon
  159. Farington University
  160. Gandhi Hindi Vidyapith
  161. Generale University
  162. Glencullen University
  163. Global Church Theological Seminary and Global Church University
  164. Greenwich University Operated on Norfolk Island from 1998 to 2002.
  165. Hamilton University
  166. Huntington Pacific University
  167. Illinois Theological Seminary Online
  168. Intercontinental University
  169. International University for Graduate Studies St. Kitts and Nevis
  170. Irish International University
  171. James Monroe University
  172. Kennedy-Western University
  173. Kensington University
  174. Kingston College British Columbia
  175. Knightsbridge University
  176. Knoxville College
  177. Lacrosse University
  178. Monticello University
  179. Pacific Southern University
  180. Paul Quinn College
  181. Preston University
  182. Regent International University
  183. Rochville University
  184. Rushmore University
  185. Rutherford University
  186. South Pacific University
  187. Springfield Christian College and Theological Seminary
  188. St Johns University School of Medicine Montserrat
  189. St. Clements University
  190. Stanton University
  191. Summerset University
  192. Tennessee Christian University Tennessee
  193. Thomas Jefferson Education Foundation
  194. Thunderwood College
  195. Trinity College and Seminary
  196. Trinity College and University
  197. Trinity Southern University
  198. Universal University
  199. University Consulting, Inc.
  200. University Degree Program
  201. University of Esoterica
  202. University of Lamberhurst
  203. University of Northern Virginia
  204. University of Northern Washington
  205. University of NorthWest
  206. University of the Nations
  207. Vancouver University Worldwide
  208. Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
  209. Vision International University
  210. Warren National University
  211. Weston Reserve University

Note: The blacklisted American National University no longer exists. The university currently named American National University ( has been continuously accredited since 1954.

Black Listed Universities in USA 2016 Updated List PDF:

You can download the USA Blacklisted Universities 2016 in PDF format with the help of the below link.

Black Listed Universities in USA 2016 PDF

Hope you like this Black Listed Universities in USA 2016. Please share this with your friends who are going to The USA for higher studies and help them.

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