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Young Cameron Diaz’s old Nude photos Released Online

Cameron Diaz’s old Nude photos Released: Apart from the G20 Summit 2015, Coming to the latest hot news which is creating waves in social media. i.e. Cameron Diaz Nude Images / Pics. Recently a series of nude images of Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz have been released online. Cameron Diaz had a photoshoot back in 1999 and the images have now been released. Loaded magazine has released Diaz’s nude photographs which they claimed to be the only full-frontal photoshoot she had ever done. Diaz, now 43, was 26 years old did the photoshoot in a swimming pool. In the vintage pictures, the actress did not change much compared to her current look. Here you can catch the complete news regarding Nude Photoshoot of Cameron Diaz.

Cameron-Diaz-Nude Photoshoot

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Cameron Diaz’s Old Nude Photos:

Diaz, 43, was 26 years old when she did the photoshoot in a swimming pool. She didn’t seem to be reluctant to bare herself naked in front of the camera. In the vintage photographs, the actress didn’t change much compared to her current look, reports

In an interview with the magazine back then, the “Bad Teacher” actress said she never considered herself beautiful.

“No, I never did. I’ve got a nose that’s been broken three times and as a teenager I was so skinny at school that they nicknamed me Skeletor,” she confessed.

The publication posted on Twitter about the photographs: “Give thanks for our nude Cameron Diaz photoshoot that broke the internet.”

Furthermore, the publication wrote on its article: “She made a big deal of it when the moment came, but it was a severe disappointment, as Diaz ended up stripping for the crapocalyse that was ‘Sex Tape’.”

“But in February 1999, aged 26 and flush with success from her role in ‘The Mask’, she happily stripped and went for a swim with Loaded, making it her only ever topless magazine shoot,” the artice read.

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