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ChampCash App: Trick to Earn More Money | Referral Code | How to Use

ChampCash App: Nowadays there are so many applications in android are giving money when watching their ads, playing games, and installing apps. But, many of those are not paid money properly. ChampCash is one of the best free money earning apps for android. They provide best payments and high benefit to the publishers. You can earn Upto 7 Levels. And it’s totally free to use. You can earn money from Champ Cash by referring this app to your friends. You can withdraw Earned Money Directly in Your Paypal / Bank Account. Check out the below article to know the complete information regarding Champ Cash App Download, How to Use and Earn Money, Trick to Get More Money and more details.

Champ Cash Download Refer ID Tricks Tips

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Champ Cash Refer ID / Referral Code: 11306571

How To Use & Earn Money From Champ Cash

How To Use & Earn Money From Champ Cash:

  1. Go to play store by clicking this link (Champ Cash App Download from Playstore)
  2. Download Champcash Money Free
  3. After open it you will see the below texts
  4. Allow ChampCash to Make and manage phone calls (Allow)
  5. Allow ChampCash to send and view SMS messages (Allow)
  6. Allow ChampCash to access your contacts (Allow)
  7. Allow ChampCash to access photos media and files on your device (Allow)
  8. Sign up with Champ Cash (or) Sign up with google

Here I am explaining the sign up with champ cash account:

1. After clicking on Sign up with Champ Cash

2. Submit your details

3. Allow ChampCash to access this device location (Allow)

4. Enter Refer ID or Sponsor ID (11306571) Name: Praveen

5. Verify refer id

6. Accept

7. Then the application will be opened.

8. It will show some apps to install i.e. called Challenge (The challenge is just installing some apps.)

9. After installing the apps, You can see Done option instead of Install Option of the respective app

10. After installing these you can earn money

11. You can get your reference ID by tapping the menu option shown top left side of the app

12. you can refer your friends to earn more money. You will get paid on every user you refer.

13. You can redeem your payout in the form of mobile recharge or by direct cash deposit.

How to Redeem Champ Cash Money

Paypal / Bank Transfer:

You can Easily Withdraw Your Earned Money via Paypal / Bank Transfer.

Mobile Recharge:

You can Also Withdraw your earned by Recharging Any Mobile number internationally. Means Publishers of USA can Recharge Mobile of INDIA too.

E-Gift Cards:

You can Also Withdraw Your Money via E-Gift cards of Amazon,Flipkart,etc. As You withdraw We will Email you the Gift cards.

Champ Cash Tricks & Tips

  • Install the app (some apps registration will also be required)
  • Open the app for minimum  1 minute
  • Do not do multiple joinings from IP Address. Restart your wifi to change your IP
  • After opening app do not press back button. Click on minimize button and open champcash to install next app.
  • As you click on install, in complete action field open app using play store

How to Earn More Money From Champ Cash

  • After completing your challenge. You can access Earn More option from the menu
  • You can earn more points after installing the apps shown in Earn More option
  • It will appear on Menu option (top left side)
  • Install the apps to earn more money from Champ Cash Application

How Much Money Earn through Champ Cash:

  • Install 8-10 Apps, Open them for 1-2 minute and by referring 20 friends (They should install and open all apps)
  • You can earn $5-$20 (Rs 300 – Rs 600). Not only this,
  • Not only this, If your friend joins someone then again you will get the payout and not only this you can earn up to 7 levels.
  • Ex: If A refers B, B refers C, C refers D, D refers E, E refers F, Then A will get benefit on joining of F Too.
  • You can install Apps and open at least 1 minute.

ChampCash lavel 1

Champ Cash Money Free Application Review (Real or Fake)

Some netizens are claiming that Champ Cash is a fake app. But, trust me this is the best money earning app when compare to the others. It’s totally real and my friends also get a handsome amount from this app.

Champ Cash App Hacking

From the last few days, some techies asked me to provide the Hacking procedure of Champ Cash App. I too don’t know about the hacking of Champ Cash App. If I know, then I will surely post about this. But remember, hacking is illegitimate and causing few problems to us.

Official Website: Champ Cash Free Money Official Website

We will post free money earning apps on our next article. So, stay tuned to this website. Hope you like this, Champ Cash App Download, Sponsor ID, Referral Code, How To Use & Earn Money From Champ Cash, How to Redeem money, Champ Cash App Tricks, and Tips to Earn more money and review article. If you like this, then please share it with your friends.

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