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Chennai Kishkinta‬ Theme Park Accident Live Video Footage.

Chennai Kishkinta‬ Theme Park Accident: A joy ride at a theme park ended on a tragic note as one person was killed and nine injured in Chennai on Thursday (May 12th, 2016). One person has died and seven others have been injured in an accident at Kishkinta, a theme park outside Chennai. The incident occurred at Kishkinta Theme park near suburban Tambaram on Wednesday when the ride crashed while being tested, police said. Around 20 workers at Chennai’s Kishkinta park were part of a trial ride on a new giant wheel — the Disco Dancer — when it swung out of control on Wednesday night. The Kishkinta accident has been captured by a mobile device. Check the below article for Live Video Footage of Chennai Kishkinta Theme Park Accident and police action against the organizers.


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Chennai Kishkinta‬ Theme Park Accident Live Video Footage:

One person has died and seven others have been injured in an accident at Kishkinta, a theme park outside Chennai.

The ride was being tested after being shut since the floods last December. Around 8 pm, eyewitnesses told Express, the ride took a trial run with about 25 workers — some allegedly reluctant. It swung thrice and then broke into three pieces, throwing the people away. S Manikandan (19) from a neighbouring village was fatally injured and died at a private hospital, while Sahaudin (32) is said to be critical.

Here is the exclusive live video footage of Chennai Kishkinta Theme Park Incident.

One person was killed, another person was critically injured and over 20 others sustained minor injuries when the staff of the Kishkinta Theme Park were made to sit for a trial run on a joy ride known as Disco Dancer, a kind of a revolving merry-go-round, around 8 pm on Wednesday.

“We have refused to sit many times. But they would compel us to sit, promising everything was safe,” said Charles, a cousin of two of the injured being treated at Deepam Hospitals in Tambaram.

Eyewitness accounts claim the ride broke into three pieces and collapsed. One of the staff, S Manikandan (19), who is from native of Somangalamnallur a village near the Tamil Nadu capital, suffered head injuries and was declared dead at a hospital. Another worker is in a critical condition.

Police Action Against the Theme Park Organizers:

The police officials have later in the evening on Thursday, May 12, have arrested the Owner of the theme park, Kiskintha, Josh Punnish and manager Shathivelan under Sec 337 IPC and Sec 304(2) IPC.

Josh Punnish, the owner of the park, and a manager were arrested. According to police reports, the workers — from nearby villages — said they were forced to undergo the trial ride.

A nine-year-old NRI girl died after falling into an automated swimming pool at the same park in 2013.

In 2012, a flight attendant with now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines died after she was thrown off a ride at another amusement park on the outskirts of Chennai.

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