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Chicago Police Released Laquan McDonald’s Dashcam Shooting Video

Laquan McDonald’s Shooting Video: On Tuesday night, Chicago officials released the dash-cam video of the October 2014 fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, by a Chicago police officer. The full dash-cam video was widely available on YouTube, on social networks and on the websites of national news organizations. No audio is heard on the footage. Chicago City officials gave journalists a link to a third-party site where they would have a one-hour window to download the six-minute and fifty-three-second video clip. In the moments before the video was made public, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy called for peace and calm. Check out the below article for more news regarding Laquan McDonald’s Shooting Video.

laquan-mcdonald-chicago-police-shooting video

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Laquan McDonald’s Shooting Video:

Laquan McDonald was a black teenager. The officer who shot him, Jason Van Dyke, is white.

Here providing the full and exclusive video of Laquan McDonald’s Dashcam Shooting Visuals.

In the dash-cam video, which a judge ordered police to release by Nov. 25, Laquan McDonald first appears about 5 minutes, 16 seconds in, and is seen walking down a street. The teen, who police say was armed with a knife, walks diagonally across the street, away from police officers at the scene.

Seconds later, an officer opens fire, and McDonald falls to the ground. At that point, the officer who fired is no longer in view, but McDonald’s body appears to jerk repeatedly from additional gunshots.

Soon after the video’s release, a group of protesters began marching, chanting “16 shots” and “We got to fight back!” McDonald died after being shot 16 times.

Witnesses said Mr. McDonald, who was carrying a folding knife, never spoke to Officer Van Dyke nor did he do anything threatening toward him.

“People have a right to be angry, people have a right to protest, people have a right to free speech,” McCarthy said. “But they do not have a right to commit criminal acts.”

This Laquan McDonald which is going on viral in social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.

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