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Choosing the Best VPN Service Provider for Your Android Device

Do you know what is a VPN? VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a private, encrypted connection through which users can connect to the internet without leaving traces of their real location, the device they are using, who they are and what they are doing online. It’s perfect for browsing security, privacy, anonymity and equally importantly, freedom, as it is also able to bypass censors and firewall restrictions.

Choosing the Best VPN Service Provider for Your Android Device

VPN on Android Devices

Since we use these devices to access the internet, it would be foolish to assume that we do not VPNs. While using a VPN, all the data you send or receive from your Android device is encrypted or protected through the system to ensure that it reaches the intended destination safe and secure.

A user can choose to use paid or free VPN. Paid VPN has many benefits compared to the free VPN. Here are some of the things you should know before connecting to a VPN for Android devices.

Benefits of Using VPNs on Android Devices

The benefits of using a VPN are pretty much independent to different users but in many cases, the main benefit is the ability to provide safety and privacy while on the internet. Here are other benefits of using a VPN on an Android device;

It allows a user to access information that is restricted to certain geographical regions. Using VPNs, users can link up and access the inaccessible sites as long as the link VPN is hosted within the area that has been restricted.

A VPN assures a user’s data is secure whenever he or she is looking for content from insecure sites.

A VPN also conceals the real internet address of the user.

Many find it necessary to use a VPN because they cannot trust the Internet Service Provider. Please note that by connecting to an internet service allows the provider to access all the sites you have visited using their connection and the only way to prevent this from happening is by using a VPN service.

Disadvantages of Using A VPN

The disadvantages of using a VPN are mainly the challenges experienced by users of a free VPN. Any reputable company like ExpressVPN addresses these potential challenges before they happen. You cannot overlook the difference between free and paid VPN. Using a free VPN actually exposes a user to greater risk than not using any VPN at all.

Disadvantages of using a VPN include;

Terrible connections;

One can have a stable internet connection but have the quality go down after installation of a VPN. This is the end result of setting up many VPN services and especially the free ones. What slows down the connectivity is because; free VPNs inject specific ads on your server whenever you are on the internet.

Clicking on these ads makes them a priority site and this slows you down on other platforms.

You can suffer the cost of shared internet addresses

Since data sent by different people on the same VPN appears to be from a similar source, a punishable offense directed from the internet address can end up being suffered by everyone regardless of whether or not they are innocent. For instance, banks can block the said VPN address from accessing their portals.

Resolving such issues requires the competence of the VPN to handle unblocking or prevent you from being blocked. Paid VPNs such as ExpressVPN are able to move with speed to handle such internet sharing challenges should they occur.

Which Is The Best VPN To Use?

The market is flooded with many VPN service providers. Each boasts the best services. Some charge a fee, others are free. Always remember that if a product comes for free, then chances are; you are actually the product. Avoid free VPNs like a plaque. It’s your data you want to protect, go for a paid VPN or stay without.

There are many dangers of using free VPNs as already discussed. Do not let a provider who can monetize your logging sessions, your bandwidth, or who can inject your online sessions with targeted ads or spam have the authority over your privacy.

Whenever a deal sounds too good, it can only help if you obey your doubts about it. That said, never be afraid to pay for a service that effectively protects your data. In any case, there are reputable companies that charge pocket-friendly prices.

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