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Dhandupalya 2 Kannada Movie Review, Rating & Collections

Dhandupalya 2 Kannada Movie: Dandupalya 2 is a sequel to critical and commercial film Dandupalya (2012) and it is a crime film directed by Srinivas Raju and produced by Venkat Prasad while Arjun Janya scored music for this movie. Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Shankar, Sanjana Galrani, Shruti, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Jayadev Mohan, Sudharani and many others are played the important roles in this movie. The movie is all set to be released on July 14 in Kannada and in Telugu on July 21 with the title of Dandupalyam 2 . Check out “Dandupalya 2” Kannada Movie complete review, rating, story line, plus points, minus points, verdict, and box office collection details from the below article.


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Dandupalya 2 Movie Review & Rating

Dhandupalya 2 Kannda Movie Cast and Crew (Credits):

Release Date: July 14, 2017

Language: Kannada

Star Cast: Pooja Gandhi, Ravi Shankar, Sanjana Galrani, Shruti, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Jayadev Mohan, Sudharani

Director: Srinivas Raju

Producer: Venkat Prasad

Editor: Ravi Chandran

Cinematographer: Venkat Prasad

Music Director: Arjun Janya

Dandupalya 2 Kannada Movie Trailer

Dhandupalya 2 Kannada Movie Story:

As for the story itself – there’s nothing remotely new or interesting to be had from it. The first half centres around the D-gang’s time in prison after their conviction. This largely consists of them getting manhandled by cops, and listening to mountains of abuse directed towards them. In Pooja Gandhi’s case, it means having the camera regularly focus on her breasts, and a fellow inmate periodically trying to paw her.

There’s also a journalist who’s trying to prove that the gang may not be guilty of everything they’ve been accused of, though most of her investigation seems to involve dramatically fiddling with her spectacles.

Just after the interval, the D-gang is convinced by the journalist to tell her their real story. And the story could not be more predictable and cliched. It’s the usual tale of poverty and exploitation that can be seen from miles away.

Dandupalya 2 Movie Highlights:

  • Performances by Lead Actors
  • Music & BGM
  • Cinematography

Dandupalya 2 Movie Drawbacks:

  • Dragged 2nd Half
  • Too Much Vulgar Words


Unfortunately, Dandupalya 2 does not live up even to this expectation because it’s just too unpleasant and loud to tolerate.

Dandupalya 2 Kannada Movie Rating

  • Critics Rating: 2/5
  • Audience Rating: 2.5/5

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