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Great tips to look rich and well dressed

The personal image is something that we build and manipulate according to our needs and goals. It’s nothing negative, on the contrary, it’s a way of valuing ourselves and using clothes and accessories in our favor. One of the most requested topics when it comes to fashion, are tips on how to look rich and well dressed!  

Therefore, today we suggest some tricks and ways to look rich, and not to worry, you don’t have to win the Indian lotto to look so. But before we start, let’s talk about something very important! Quality of materials! Of course, we couldn’t start this guide with any other topic, right?

Quality of materials

To be a well dressed person, the first thing is to invest in quality pieces! If your blouse, pants, skirt etc don’t look like they are made a good fabric and don’t fit your body, none of what we talk about below will work to build the rich guy or girl message! Therefore, always pay attention to the composition of the fabrics and how the garment in question will adjust to your body.

Reminder! Quality clothes are not synonymous with branded clothes, ok? Just because you’re not wearing Chanel doesn’t mean you’re not wearing a quality piece! To look rich, you don’t have to go out all worked on the etiquette. On the contrary, your clothing does not need to show popular logos.  

Well, now that you know that the main thing to dress well is the quality of the fabrics and materials of your look, let’s get to the tips!


Swap your plastic bag for a leather one. Avoid models with flashy metal pieces, excess gold or silver chains. A simple, structured bag that fulfills its function of carrying your belongings up and down will make you look richer than a flashy piece. 

The bag doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to look like it is expensive. What communicates this is the simplicity of a good finish rather than too much gloss.


Reduce the patterns and prioritize the simple pieces! It’s not because you wear clothes with prints that you can’t communicate a well-dressed and rich-faced image, but they make it difficult to get there. A good print, on a good fabric, is a great ally… however, a print on a low-quality fabric can destroy all your effort for the desired goal. Therefore, to be absolutely sure that you will look rich, prioritize the plain pieces and leave the prints for later.


To look elegant and beautiful you don’t need a lot of makeup on your face. But you can use a light simple makeup, because dark circles don’t make anyone look rich.

Makeup should convey an image of health: a lighter blush, a healthy lip color, mascara on the eye giving charm to the look.

So, get a lighter makeup according to each occasion. Are you going out at night? Focus more on the eyes and keep the mouth’s makeup light.

Great tips to look rich and well dressed

Good quality sunglasses. 

Wear good quality sunglasses with little or no detail. Lots of details and gemstones make the look heavy and take away the sophisticated aspect of this accessory.

It is important that you buy glasses made of good materials and that you have the right model for your face type.

The lenses also need to be of good quality to protect your eyes. 

Well-groomed hair

Clean hair, without oily roots, without dye in half and hydrated; this is a big sign of elegance. So, take care of your hair, no 3 colors, barred root, very dry hair.

Investment in hair is very worthwhile because it is connected to our face. Hydrate it, find the right shampoo.

Also, a well-groomed hair makes all the difference. So, even in the rush of the morning, it’s important not to leave your hair without proper care; choose the right accessories for it.

Use scarves as accessories

On the neck, hair, or tied in the bag, a scarf is another accessory to use to get that rich look.

Patterns, neutrals, the classic black and white, the plain ones that match everything; these are some of the best option to achieve your desired look.

Good Perfumes

Always smell good with a soft perfume that doesn’t bother anyone.

Wear a nice watch

A watch is a sophisticated accessory, very elegant and useful. Watches definitely make the look more elegant. So, choose a watch that will be perfect for your final outfit.

Fine jewelry 

Wearing quality jewelry gives an air of sophistication and elegance. The original Riviera necklace is made of diamonds, but we found fine semi-jewels and jewelry similar to it and much more affordable.  

Consider the timeless gold mesh choker doesn’t go out of style; you will use it with many looks.

Remember that it’s better to have two jewels or good semi-jewels than 20 cheap jewels that look tacky, that will lose its glow fast, etc.

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