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How to Dress Your Kids in Ethnic Wear for Diwali

As Diwali approaches add to your to-do list your kids Diwali attires as you shop for yours. This festivity is a time for everyone to look good as they enjoy all there is in the celebrations. The food, music, and decorations are not enough if people are not looking beautiful and well adorned. For your kids, Diwali is a great celebration for their wardrobe is updated with new outfits and they can play with firecrackers. However, do not miss out on going on a shopping spree with them and show them how beautiful Indian traditional attires are paired up and the best choice for them. Here are different ethnic attires that you can choose with your kids from the design, styling, color and the most popular attires that your kids will yearn for.

How to Dress Your Kids in Ethnic Wear for Diwali

Salwar kameez 

This is a great Indian traditional wear for girls for the Diwali. This is in different sizes from little girls to older girls as well. The salwar kameez is the most common and preferred choice due to how you can style it in different ways. Take your time with your girl to find one that suits her taste and choice not only yours. Choose the colors and patterns to match your outfit or different

tastes to yours. However, having matching colors to your flared Kurti is a way to make a statement with your girl. Go through all the fab collections as you choose your salwar kameez that is in your price range.

Kurta pajama 

This is a classic look Indian ethnic wear for boys and men as well. It is not a new look to the Diwali, However, little boys look all cute and handsome when adorned in one. Choose one in vibrant color and unique patterns for a splendid look come Diwali celebrations. The best fabrics that you can go for are linen, cotton, and silk for your boy to look outstanding. For a more revamped look go for one with a jacket. The comfort of this outfit ensures that your boy can play with ease making it convenient for both of you during the Diwali party. To make your work

easy as you shop for your boy. Choose various kurta pajama blends that they can wear on different Diwali ceremonies.

Kurta pajama

Lehenga dress 

The stylish and elegant baby Lehenga outfit is another win for your baby girl for Diwali. You might think it is a tasking dress for the little girls but they love this outfit for they make them look like a princess. The Lehenga is in many styles and colors as well and you can get one that is a perfect fit for your girl. To complete your girl’s outfit in a Lehenga set get her matching baby jewellery to make her look even more stunning. To this outfit as well you can match with your girl and dress to a Lehenga with an off-shoulder cape top. And the match will be lavish for Diwali and a time to enjoy dress up with your kid. Mother-daughter attire matchings never grow old and what a great time to utilize this look.

Lehenga dress

 Dhoti kurta 

This is for your little prince for a perfect ethnic outfit that they can adorn to Diwali. This choice is a great one and all you have to do is choose the color, patterns, and design you want and get it ready-made. You can choose for the whole week of Diwali to dress him in different styles of dhoti kurtas. This is by selecting different fabrics, kurta neck styles, and designs and at the Diwali celebrations your boy will stand out as an elegantly dressed prince. Plus, this is a great look for boys of different ages. Additionally, the girls too can rock a dhoti look to Diwali especially the designer ones. They come in bright hues and wonderful designs that you can choose from. The patterns in the girl’s dhotis are inspiring and beautiful. That will make your girl look beautiful and adorable.

Sherwani for boys 

A Sherwani is always a classic design and a perfect ethnic choice for your boy to wear to a Diwali festival. This outfit makes them look attractive in bright colors and the embroideries that it has. When choosing a Sherwani for this celebration. Make sure that you choose one in vibrant tones and get bottom styles like Dhoti pants and straight pants. The Sherwani never disappoints for it is comfortable and stylish. Rock the Sherwani for your boy and match them up with your spouse for an impressive Sherwani duo look.

The ready to wear girl’s saree 

Yes. Young girls wear sarees too. However, their sarees are ready-made for having them draped around them. This is because it is a headache when it comes off as they play or pin used to drape start harming them. This is in many designs and is styled to make them look like little princesses. The advantage of this saree is you can dress the child with ease and as fast than when you have to drape it. The saree will make your girl look beautiful. Choose this traditional outfit for one of the Diwali days in her fit and get yours on to look amazing together.

The ready to wear girl’s saree

Dresses and gowns 

Flower girl dresses and toddler gowns do also count as Diwali ethnic wear. This is an interesting choice for as much as it looks modern. They are traditional attires that are worn to their weddings, festivals and other celebrations. Little girls adore these dresses for how they have flowers and look like a ball gown dress. Also, they enjoy the fact that they can admire each other when together in an event. They have a stylish bodice and an amazing flare that is perfect for a little princess. Allow your daughter if she is old enough to choose what she likes to adorn to the Diwali as you teach her the importance of Diwali and why you celebrate it.

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