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These 40 Human Psychological Facts Makes Your Mouth Open

In previous article you have figured out some Tips to Know Your Girl Friend / Boy Friend is a Liar or Not. Now it’s time to know some interesting Psychological facts about yourself. I think you already heard about some psychological facts like “Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood, the number is reduced to 206” but this is the time to know some more interesting psychological facts about humans. We have collected these interesting psychological facts from different websites and books and providing here with a single click. I assure this mind blowing human psychological facts makes your eyes open bigger.

human Psychological Facts

Human Psychological Facts :

Here is the top list of Interesting Psychological Facts about Humans and their behavior.

  1. The average person tells 4 lies a day or 1,460 a year; a total of 87,600 by age of 60. And the most common lie is “I am fine”.
  2. Men say around 12,500 words per day, women speak around 22,000.
  3. We forget 90% of what we dream about.
  4. Happiness peaks at age 50, according to a new study.
  5. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents.
  6. Your brain is more active and thinks more at night than during the day.
  7. Listening to music is good for digestion.
  8. Women blink twice as many times as men do.
  9. The colder the room you sleep in, the better the chances are that you will have a bad dream.
  10. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
  11. The human heart creates enough pressure while pumping to squirt blood 30 feet away.
  12. The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.
  13. The surface area of a human lung is equal to that of a tennis court.
  14. The average person passes gas 14 times each day.
  15. After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp.
  16. By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds.
  17. By 60 years of age, 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will snore.
  18. Monday is the day of the week when the risk of heart attack is the greatest.
  19. Over 90% of diseases are caused or complicated by stress.
  20. Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood, the number is reduced to 206.
  21. We are about 1 cm taller in the morning than in the evening.
  22. Scientists suggest that most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.
  23. Couples around the world who divorce tend to divorce around their fourth year of marriage.
  24. After four years, marriages generally stabilize until around eight years.
  25. The average person has 3000 thoughts a day.
  26. You can only dream about things you already know. The faces of people you see in dreams are faces you have seen before in real life.
  27. Your pupils dilate when you see someone you love. They also dilate, when you see someone you hate.
  28. An average human scalp has 1,00,000 hairs
  29. In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.
  30. 15 million blood cells are destroyed in the human body every second.
  31. The average human heart will beat 3,000 million times in its lifetime and pump 48 million gallons of blood.
  32. During a 24 hour period, the average human will breathe 23,040 times. human blood travels 60,000 miles (96,540 km) per day on its journey through the body.
  33. Sex can also help you reduce stress.
  34. Throughout your life, the amount of saliva you have could fill two swimming pools.
  35. Scientists say the higher your  I.Q., the more you dream.
  36. Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s.
  37. Right-handed people live, on an average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
  38. Cellular phone radiation causes insomnia.
  39. Humans are the only animals to produce emotional tears.
  40. The human brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as an encyclopedia.

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