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Importance of Education is Increasing Day by Day

Education is the process of teaching, learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and ideas. There are different kinds of educational methods like storytelling, discussions, training, teaching and many more. Education usually takes place under the guidance of trainers, educators or one may also educate themselves. Education can be facilitated either formally or informally. There are many streams a person can choose such as science, commerce and arts. Many students take up science and continue studying either engineering or medical. There are many engineering colleges in India but the scope for engineering has been gradually decreasing since 2 years, but still many students opt engineering as all of them are interested. Once engineering is completed there are chances of finding good jobs.

Types of Education

  • Formal education: It is divided into three stages as preschool, primary school, secondary school and then college and university.
  • Non-formal education: includes adult basic education or school equivalency preparation. They learn other basic skills and job skills too.
  • Informal education: It is less organized. It can be as simple as a parent teaching their child how to eat or cycle etc. Everything that we learn in our life is informal education.
  • Unschooling: This is when children learn something on their own like playing games or going on websites etc.

Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Education plays an important role in influencing the minds of people. Education should begin at an early age and continue lifelong. It helps a person in many ways like learning new things, finding good jobs and leading a responsible life in this society. The more educated a person is, the higher are the chances of her or his success in life. A good education is necessary for every single person to go ahead in life and succeed. It develops confidence and helps to build the business personality of a person. Education may help and guide individuals from one class to the other. Early education plays a great role in everyone’s life. It is mainly important to defend ourselves and our country.

Education helps us understand what is right and what is wrong. It removes the differences in our society and helps people understand that religions, castes etc do not matter and all that matters is equality. The importance can be understood from the fact that education decides the behaviour of humans towards animals. We are all civilized and educated properly; therefore all the animals are treated well. In contrast, uncivilized societies sometimes show lesser respect for animals comparatively.

As mentioned above the main three streams after schooling are science, commerce and arts. The growing interest in engineering has increased the total number of engineering colleges in India. Engineering has a wide stream since it has many combinations or divisions and people can choose the ones they like.

Engineering College

Engineering Colleges

IIT- Indian Institute of technology is one of the best colleges for engineering throughout India.  They have 7 branches in different parts of our country. To get more information regarding engineering colleges visit getmyuni. The Engineering study is one of the best and most sought disciplines of academic education. It is growing with the development of the nation, education, technology and research. Engineering is one course which has many jobs around the world. Engineering is professional as well as an educational course. Technology has become one of the most important things in the world today and everything depends on computerization and above all, we are still striving to achieve the height of development. To understand technology, we need basic education. Therefore the increase in importance for education is seen everywhere and every day.

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