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  1. MRafeeqmohd871@gamil 9966249448

  2. My delivery held in private hospital but in an emergency so I may get the kcr kit or not.were as I have taken treatment in goverment hospital for 9 months.

  3. I’m staying in kphb colony we are unable to find government hospitals near by for my regular monthly checkup and for delivery can you please help us

  4. Naa delivery government hospital lo aindi and nenu amma vodi ki appli chesa registration id kuda vadimfi but money raladu

  5. My registration id is 31130078001181…. I received first installment in january now i got 3rd installment… Where is 2nd installment… I did not rcve 2nd installment

  6. sir naku 1st installment raledu 2nd installment vachindi please my 1st installment money 2 time in govt hospital checkup sir I am poor sir

  7. I got 4000 instead of 5000 for baby girl, hospital employee done fault entry of male instead of female

  8. Madanu premalatha

    My reg no is 29010045000165 after delivery I got 4instalment 3000 where is the first 3 instalment pls give me the reply

  9. Hi i forgot my KCRKIT registration number how can i get that number please let me lnow what should i do

  10. bollie keerthi

    Dear sir,
    already i visited 4 times but did not get 1 installment also sir my id no:31110065000787

  11. dear sir/madam i have received only my 2nd installment in the month of december when can i receive rest of three installments

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