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Last 15 Days Strategy to Prepare for NDA 1 & 2 2020 Exam

Slated for September 6th 2020, the National Defence Academy [NDA] is one of the most esteemed defence recruitment examinations in the country. The NDA and Naval Academy examination is conducted by the UPSC and consists of two stages, namely a Written test and Interview.

Normally organised twice a year, there will be only a single common NDA examination in the year 2020. With the exam this close, in this article, we present a detailed 15-day strategy to help you answer the ‘How to Prepare for NDA’ question successfully.

Last 15 days strategy to prepare for NDA 1 and 2 2020 Exam

How to Prepare for NDA in 15 Days: Exam Pattern

Before diving into the specific NDA Preparation Tips, let’s see what the exam pattern looks like.

Subject/Stage Duration Marks Questions [Objective]
Mathematics [01] 2.5 hours 300 120
General Ability Test [02] 2.5 hours 600 150
SSB Interview [Intelligence & Personality Test] 900
Total 1800 270

How to Prepare for NDA: 15 Days Strategy

Tabulated below is a day-wise categorization of the NDA syllabus which you can use to shape up your NDA Preparation online or offline.

Day Mathematics Topics General Ability Test [GAT] Topics
Day 1-Day 3 Algebra [sets, complex numbers, progressions, logarithms, permutation & combination, binomial theorem, etc.];


Matrices & Determinants [types, operations, determinants, Cramer’s rule, etc.]


Vector Algebra [Two & Three-dimensional vectors, vector magnitude & direction, unit & null vectors, scalar-vector multiplication, dot product, applications

English [Reading Comprehension, English Grammar Fundamentals and Usage, Vocabulary]


Physics [Matter, properties, motion, velocity, gravity, power & energy, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, pendulum, pulleys, etc.]


Current Events [recurring]

At the End of Day 3 1 Short Algebra Test + 1 Short Matrices & Determinants Test + 1 Short Vector Algebra Test + 1 Short English Test + 1 Short Physics Test at the end of completion of respective syllabus + 1 Short Current Affairs Test + 1 full & timed Mock Test on Day 3 [Alternate as per suitability]
Day 4-Day 6 Analytical Geometry Of 2 and 3 Dimensions [Cartesian Rectangular Coordinate System, Distance Formula, Parabola, eclipse & hyperbola, Sphere’s equation, etc.]


Differential Calculus [Function’s Domain & Range, Graph, composite functions, limits, continuity of functions, derivatives of second-order, maxima & minima, etc.]

Chemistry [Physical & Chemical conditions, chemical combination law, air & water, oxidation, acids, bases, salts, carbon, fertilizers, atomic structure, valance, etc.]


General Science [Living & Non-living forms, cells & tissues, growth & reproduction, human body, epidemics, food, space, prominent scientific breakthroughs, etc.]


Current Events [recurring]

At the End of Day 6 1 Short Analytical Geometry Of 2 And 3 Dimensions Test + 1 Short Differential Calculus Test + 1 Short Chemistry Test +1 General Science Test at the end of completion of respective syllabus + 1 Short Current Affairs Test + 1 full & timed Mock Test on Day 6 [Alternate as per suitability]
Day 7-Day 9 Integral Calculus And Differential Equations [integrals with algebraic expressions, definite integrals, general & particular solution, solution of first order & first-degree differential equations, growth & decay, etc.] History [Indian History, Freedom movements, Indian Constitution, Five-year Plans, Modern World Forces, Renaissance, Major Revolutions, UN, etc.]


Current Events [recurring]

At the End of Day 9 1 Short Integral Calculus And Differential Equations Test + 1 Short History Test at the end of completion of syllabus + 1 Short Current Affairs Test + 1 full & timed Mock Test on Day 9 [Alternate as per suitability]
Day 10-Day 12 Trigonometry [Angles, degrees, identities, functions & inverse, height & distance, etc.]


Statistics & Probability [data organization & presentation, frequencies, distribution, central tendencies-mean, median, mode, variance & standard deviation, correlation & regression, sample space, events, types of events, theorems, Bayes Theorem, random variables, binomial distribution, etc.]

Geography [Earth, Major Lines, Rocks, Earthquakes, volcanoes, ocean currents, atmosphere, climate, India’s geography, etc.]


Current Events [recurring]

At the End of Day 12 1 Short Trigonometry Test + 1 Short Statistics & Probability test +1 Short Geography Test + at the end of completion of syllabus + 1 Short Current Affairs Test + 1 full & timed Mock Test on Day 12 [Alternate as per suitability]
Day 13-Day 14 Revise and Revisit important topics and exam strategies

1 or 2 Full-length timed Mock tests

Day 15 Ready for exam

How to Prepare for NDA: 15 Days NDA Preparation Tips

Here are a few NDA Preparation Tips tips that will help you utilize the above table efficiently.

  • In the first three days, you must get yourself to a good start. In the Mathematics section, start practicing with algebra, matrices & determinants and vector algebra to build a strong foundation. Hovering around moderate difficulty, there are easily around 30-35 questions from this section on the NDA exam. On the GAT, it is crucial to begin your NDA Preparation online or offline in English with a base of English Grammar. Practice one or two Reading comprehension questions, make a list of 15-20 words of vocabulary and read topic related articles.
  • In the next three days, tackle Analytical Geometry Of 2 and 3 Dimensions and Differential Calculus in Mathematics and Chemistry & General Science in GAT. Attempt short topic-based questions at the end. You can also refer to trusted refresher or revision for material NDA Preparation online.
  • On days 7-9, limit yourself to integral calculus which is going to take up time. On the GAT, cover important topics like freedom movement and the Indian Constitution to cement your understanding of Indian History. Cover important revolutions and UN organizations as well. Around 20 questions, going by the trend, are asked from the calculus section.
  • On days 10-12, prepare Trigonometry, Statistics & Probability and Geography. While statistics may take a lot of time, it is instrumental to go through fundamental topics thoroughly.
  • The table mentions quite a few tests and that is because it is a great way of learning in later stages. To get you a grip over current events, the table advises taking 1 short current events every three days. During the last three days attempt complete and timed mock tests. You can take NDA Preparation online tests as well.

One of the most successful NDA Preparation tips is to have faith in yourself and remain confident. Trust your ability and keep feelings of nervousness and expectations at bay. All the best.

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