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Top 10 Low Fuel Consumption Tips to Increase Bikes Mileage

Are you want to save your money by increasing your bike mileage. There are no.of sites providing tips to increase bikes mileage. But, I didn’t get the fair result by following their steps. As a rider, my self  reportedly think how can I maintain low fuel consumption for my bike. After surfing on internet I read no. of article regarding Tips to Maintain Low Fuel Consumption for Vehicles. Then i implemented these tips on my bike and i got more mileage instantly than ever before. So, I think to write an article regarding How to Maintain Low Fuel Consumption for Vehicles to help you guys like me.

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How to Improve Bikes Mileage

Tips to Maintain Low Fuel Consumption :

These below tips are very helpful to Increase Your Bike Mileage.

1. You need to maintain your bike in a proper condition. Always provide best service whenever it is need. Change your bikes engine oil at 3,000 KM or 3 Months whichever is earlier.

2. Shifting of gears also plays an important role to get more mileage. If you are a professional rider then you don’t need any suggestions by me. But you are not a professional rider you have to never ride on lower gear until required and changing gears at a proper time.

3. Use clutch only at the time of changing gears. Use clutch smoothly.

4. Please avoid Sudden Brakes it may reduce your bikes mileage.

5. Check your bike tyres frequently and maintain optimum air pressure. It will lead to improve the bikes mileage.

6. This is a must known tip. and i remembered again because it is an important one i.e. Always ride your bike at a optimum speed (40 – 60 km).

7. Do not accelerate too much at first 3 to 5 kilometers of your journey. Because the engine is in still cold.

8. Please don’t drive your bike with loose chain. It will reduce your bikes fuel efficiency.

9. While the bike is in rest turn off the petrol valve, Open half of the valve at the time of riding. If you are going to long journeys just check whether it is in reserve mode or not. Don’t put reserve mode on while driving long distances.

10. Always drive your bike in less sound. It will give more mileage.

Ok..Guys. These are the Best Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Bikes Mileage. If you like it please share it to your friends.

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