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Getting Missed Call from +9155696, & Other 4 digit or 6 Digit Numbers

Getting Missed Calls from +9155696, & Other 4 digit or 6 Digit Numbers: From the past few months, I got missed calls from a number i.e. +91 55696. The weird number frightened me, then I research on the internet why I getting these type of missed calls ?. At the time of researching, myself found that there are many users got these type of missed calls. According to the few sources, this so-called “One Ring Scam”. So, In this below article, we are providing the complete information and details regarding Why we are getting missed calls from +9155696 and other 4 digit or 6 digit numbers. How to Avoid it and more details.

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I Got  Missed Calls from +9155696, & Other 4 digit or 6 Digit Numbers

These type of fake calls came from the internet. Mostly these type of calls came from other countries and few times from India too. Mostly, these type of missed calls are made by the telemarketers or scammers.

Telemarketers use this calls to promote their brands. And spammers used this calls to know the important bank credentials and other important details of the user.

If you get a missed calls from +9155696 and other 4 digit, 6 digit numbers. Don’t lift these type of calls and don’t do return call to that numbers because it is a spam. This is being called the ‘One Ring Scam’.

Reason Behind to get these type of calls:

In the ‘One Ring Scam’, scammers set up automatic dialers that call several random numbers. When the victim returns the call, most of the times, they get connected to a paid international hotline of adult entertainment services. In this scenario, the victim will be first charged for getting connected to the hotline and then some more for the rest of the time spent on the call, probably engaged with random music and other sounds.

And after some time, the call will hang up on its own. The end result? The victim might notice a charge of Rs. 60/- to Rs. 600/- or more on their account summary or on their monthly bill.

  • Once you’ve called back, they know there’s a human on the other end of that number. It’s like hitting “unsubscribe” on a mass email — if the sender is a good guy, you’re unsubscribed. If they’re a spammer, you’ve just verified that it’s a legit inbox and have been signed up for a million more mailing lists.
  • Once a scammer has a caller on the line, it’s an opportunity to phish. If a person is open to dialing a mystery number, why not see if they’ll believe you work for their bank and need their credentials?

Phone Explodes after attending these type of calls? True of False

Recently, on WhatsApp and other social networking sites, we have seen some posts regarding phone explodes after lifting the phone calls from 4 digit and 6 digit numbers.

There is no true in that news. It’s totally a fake news. Phones do not explode due to calls.


How To Avoid Getting Missed Call from +9155696, & Other 4 digit or 6 Digit Numbers

  • If you don’t recognize a number, don’t call’em back.
  • If you really want to call back, Google the number first. Check the area code to make sure it’s not long-distance. Check the full number, too; in many cases, you’ll find a page full of results saying “Do not call! It’s a scam!”
  • If you’re an Android fan, try to get on a device running Android 4.4 (KitKat). It has a built-in number identification system, and it works quite well for at least identifying legitimate, non-scammy phone numbers as safe to call.
  • Check your phone bill for sketchy charges. Your carrier knows all about scams like this, and will generally reverse the charge if you complain.

Note that, most scam calls originate from regions such as Dominican Republic (809), Jamaica (876), British Virgin Islands (284) and Grenada (473).

– Also, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised customers to avoid receiving or calling back on unknown numbers with codes Pakistan (+92) and Belarus (+375).

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