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Nellore Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2016 Special Story & Live Streaming

After the auspicious festival of Dussehra. Rotiyaan ki eid or Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) is celebrated at Bara Shaheed Dargah located at the Swarnala Cheruvu in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a five days festival. Coming to the dates of Roti Festival 2016 is from October 12th to 16th. Rottela Panduga falls on the month of Muharram festival. The story behind the Nellore Roti Festival is 12 martyrs whose mortal remains are buried in the compound. Women who visit the shrine, exchange their roti (flat bread) in Nellore Tank. Rottela Panduga got the State festival status 2014 with the government making proposals to spend nearly Rs. 50 lakh towards developing basic facilities for the visiting devotees.


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Nellore Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2016:

Rottela Panduga is being celebrated from Tuesday at the Barashahid Dargah on the banks of Swarnala Cheruvu.  All roads in Nellore are leading towards the Nellore tank. Devotees  from different religions from all corners of the world offered prayers at Bara Shaheed Dargah and exchanged rotis. The pilgrims come from far-off places in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and AP and Telangana.

The uniqueness of ‘Rottela Panduga’ is that the rotis are exchanged seeking fulfilment of a variety of wishes, including for children, marriage, job, success in studies, career growth and so on. Those who cannot bring home-made rotis can purchase bread slices and rotis available at Rs 5 to Rs 10 near the dargah.

Nellore Rottela Panduga (Roti Festival) 2016 Live Streaming Videos:

TV9, NTV, News Telangana, TV5, Studio N, Local TV, 10 TV are going to telecast the live streaming & live updates of the Nellore Rottela Panduga Festival 2016. Click the below video links to watch the live streaming of Nellore Roti Festival.

Nellore Roti Festival 2016 TV9 Live Streaming

Nellore Rottela Panduga 2016 10 TV Live Streaming & Online Watch

The municipal officials were spending Rs 16 to Rs 18 lakh for the past two years for arranging mobile toilets.The State government has also allocated Rs 2.67 crore from the funds provided by the Union government as part of  Swadesh Darshan Scheme meant for improving tourism in the district for constructing ghats at Swarnala Cheruvu where the fest takes place.

The uniqueness of the Roti festival is that devotees cutting across different religions exchange rotis in the knee-deep waters of Swarnala Cheruvu as a mark of wish-fulfilment. If you like our special story on Rottela Panduga 2016 then please share it to your friends.

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