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Reasons Why Students Should Write Essays

In the Western education system, an essay is considered to be the most well-spread and popular assignment. Students write essays all year long, and its timely preparation is obligatory. Today, we’ll try to guess why essays are so popular and why you should write as many as possible. 

Main Benefits of Essay Writing

Writing itself is a quite remarkable activity. It trains a lot of skills and perks of anyone who performs it:

  • Writing a text from scratch develops creative and idea generation. It does not matter what you do and how you write. You perform mental work, which is useful.
  • Writing makes you more literate. In our world of different jargons and slangs, this skill becomes more valuable. Perfect command of the language and a huge vocabulary will open many doors for you in career and everyday life. 
  • Writing trains assiduity for free. When you can accumulate your concentration and mind resources for a long time, any task seems to be impossible. Everyone starting from your university professor to your manager at work will appreciate it. 
  • Writing is a good psychological relief as well. After a hard day at work or an unsuccessful date, writing down a couple of lines in your dictionary will calm you. Transmitting your problems on your paper helps to forget about them and survive any situation. That is why major psychotherapists include keeping a diary into a set of the most effective therapies.

To conclude, if you write, you have got many options of self-improvement. 

Reasons Why Students Should Write Essays

Practical Reasons for Writing Essays

Why should you write essays? In fact, there are many practical reasons:

  1. The first one is the most obvious. As I have just mentioned before, it is the most popular assignment. You will face it in a school, college, and university. Every discipline and course implies writing an essay, along with the admission process. If you write an essay, you train for the future trials. 
  2. The second, but not less important reason, concerns the structure of an essay. An essay is the simplest academic paper – it must have an introduction, a conclusion and a body. So, you must not only declame a naked text but structurize your thoughts. An ability to divide the text into arguments, explanations, and proofs will help you to survive in arguments, create good speeches, and cope with more difficult academic papers. 
  3. The third reason to write essays is training your writer’s creativity. An ability to tell a story, squeezing it into 500 words is the first sign of being a good writer. If you dream about being a writer or study and literature or plot writing departments, essays are a must for you. If your future occupation does not concern writing directly, do not underestimate essays either. You can never know what you are going to learn and how they will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge. 
  4. The fourth reason is an ability to learn much more from a single essay. When you are to write it, you have to search for information. So, you will probably look through lots of books and articles. It means that you will master a discipline with ease. At least, you will get much more than on a simple lecture. It is like a free course and an easy way to get better grades.

Peculiarities of an Essay

What should someone know about an essay before writing it? It is a simple but pretty specific paper. Let me explain:

  • First of all, essays are of many kinds. You can face free speech essays, where you have a free topic and a freedom to express your thoughts. Some essays, like explanation, argumentative, or “how to” essays have more strict purposes, construction, and intents. There, you have to follow the rules of writing.
  • There should be a definition between a composition and an essay. A composition is another short academic paper. However, it has a narrow sense and gives a writer less freedom. Usually, it requires answering a single question and does not give a writer freedom of opinion. For example, an essay about William Shakespeare’s greatness you can consider different sources and even deny the merits of a famous writer.A composition assignment is likely to sound “Explain why William Shakespeare is a great writer” or something like that. Here, you need to stick to the topic and give away what you are expected to write. However, some essay assignments have got the same features: you might be given an outline. In this case, you just need to follow it. 
  • The final feature of an essay is its word limit. Sometimes it is enough, and sometimes it is very devastating: 150-250 words. So, you need to be ready to operate with full but short sentences and to highlight the most essential thoughts. Unfortunately, here, nobody will forgive you the willing to tell everything. A good essay must take five minutes from a reader to read it and hours to consider a text. In an essay, it is vital to catch readers’ attention, set up an imaginary dialogue with them, and provide some basis for the further thoughts. Doing it within 250 words can be challenging. 

To conclude, there are a lot of reasons to start writing essays. Training for your education, self-improvement, polishing writing skills – everything matters. And, an essay is the best and the most available way to get all the writing benefits. Get a piece of paper and a pen or open a  blank .txt file to start writing. And remember, that everything comes with practice. If your stories seem to be ridiculous now, in ten attempts they will get much better. Find strength not to stop.

About author: Lauren Bradshaw, a writing expert from an online essay writing service

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