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Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2018 Pictures & Parade Live Streaming Video

Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. Samba music and samba dancing plays a big part in the Carnival, the rhythmic music is considered a traditional sound of Brazil. The annual Samba Parade features a number of samba schools who compete to win a prestigious championship. This year, The Rio Carnival 2018 starts on Friday, February 9 and ends on February 13th. Check out the complete details of Rio Carnival 2018 Dates, Events Schedule, Full Event Live Streaming and How to Watch Rio de Janeiro Carnival and check other information from the below article.


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Rio Carnival 2018 Date, Time, Venue, TV Telecast Details

Date: February 09, 2018 – February 13, 2018

Time: 04:00 UTC

Venue: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Live On:

Rio Carnival 2018 Live Streaming / Watch Online

How to Watch Brazil Rio De Janeiro Carnival:

From 04:00 UTC on February 09, we’ll have in-depth coverage of Carnival live from a studio in Rio’s Sambodromo. You’ll be able to check out the best samba schools singing, dancing and partying in stunning costumes on colourful floats.

Click the below link to watch the Rio Carnival 2018 live on Red Bull TV on Monday, February 27 from 4 am UTC / 6 am GMT / 7 am CET.

Rio Carnival 2018 Live Streaming / Watch Online

Primary Parade:

  • Feb 09
  • Feb 10

Main Parade

  • Feb 11
  • Feb 12

Champions Parade:

  • Feb 17

Rio Carnival 2018 Events & Schedule:

Friday, February 9th.

13:00 – Opening Ceremony – The King of Carnival (King Momo) is crowned by the city mayor and receives the city keys
21:00 – Preliminary Schools’ Parades in Sambodromo

Saturday, February 10th.

09:30 – Street Band Cordão do Bola Preta (Downtown)
16:00 – Ipanema’s Band, meeting point at General Osório square, Ipanema
20:00 – Street Bands’ Contest at Av. Rio Branco, Centro
21:00  – PreliminarySchools’  Parades in Sambodromo
23:00 – Magic Ball at Copacabana Palace Hotel

Sunday, February 11th.

21:00 – Main Schools’ Parade in Sambodromo

Monday, February 12th

21:00 – Main Schools’ Parade in Sambodromo

Tuesday, February 13th.

16:00 – Ipanema’s Band (last Carnival presentation)
21:00 – Children’s Samba Schools Parades
23:00 – Gay Ball at Scala Rio

Click this link to get full information regarding Rio Carnival 2018 Events and Schedule

Rio Carnival 2018 Pictures / Images / Wallpapers

We will update the pictures/photos and images of Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro 2018 Carnival, whenever the carnival will start….

Samba Parades in the Sambodromo:

Rio Carnival has become world-famous through the Samba Parade, a show, a display and competition of the Rio samba schools. There are 4 different parades in the Sambodromo.

  1. Samba Schools in the First League (the Special Group)
  2. Champions’ Parade
  3. Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools
  4. Children`s Samba Schools

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