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TN Budget 2017-18 Live Updates | Highlights PDF Download

Tamil Nadu (TN) Govt Budget 2017-18: Finance Minister D Jayakumar is scheduled to present the first budget of the Palaniswami government in the state Assembly at 10.30 AM on Thursday, March 16, 2017. It will be the first budget presented in the absence of Jayalalithaa. According to the AIADMK, the budget is expected to be free of any tax raises and as promised by its new Deputy General Secretary TTV Dinakaran, is expected to allot the required funds to implement the public welfare schemes announced by Jayalalithaa. Check out the below article to know about the TN Budget 2017-2018 Highlights in English & Tamil Language PDF File Free Download & New Schemes in Tamil Nadu State Budget and other details.


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TN Budget 2017-18 Live Updates | Live Streaming | Online Watch

TN Finance Minister D Jayakumar on Thursday, March 16, 2017, is presenting the 2017-18 state Budget in the Tamilnadu State Assembly.

Viewers can watch the entire event live on SUN News, Lotus News, Thanthi TV, Raj News, and other regional Tamil channels from 10.30 am onwards.

People who do not have access to television can watch the Tamil Nadu State Budget 2017 session online. Check the below links where you can watch the Tamil Nadu (TN) 2017 live online.

TN Budget 2017-2018 Sun News Live

Tamil Nadu Budget 2017-18 Captain News Live

TN State Budget 2017 Live on Thanthi TV

Tamil Nadu Budget 2017-18 Highlights

  • Refugee welfare fund (Sri Lankan refugees) gets Rs 116 crore.
  • The fiscal deficit for 2016-17 is Rs 61341.23 crore against Rs 40533.84 crore.
  • Youth welfare and sports ministry get Rs 165 crore.
  • 5 lakh plots of land will be given to economically weaker sections.Labour welfare department gets Rs 1,010 crore.
  • Expenditure for 2016-17 has gone up from Rs 167493.27 to Rs 183745.03 crore.
  • Police department gets Rs 1,483 crore allocation, prisons department gets Rs 282 crore.
  • Tax revenue has gone down by Rs 3,000 crore this year.
  • Rs 983 crore has been allotted for the welfare of the Backward Classes and the Most Backward Classes. The Adi Dravida welfare ministry has been given Rs 3,009 crore.
  • The Thamirabarani – Nambiyaaru river linking project gets Rs 300 crore
  • The government has increased the relief fund for fishermen to Rs 4,500 from the existing Rs 2,700.
  • Rs 229 crore allotted to construct court complexes across TN.
  • Rs 26,932 crore allotted for school education department. Higher education department gets Rs 3,680 crore.
  • Rs 174 crore allotted to conduct local body elections across Tamil Nadu.
  • Municipalities administration get Rs 13,996 crore.
  • Rs 450 crore allotted for 3,000 more housing projects for Tamil Nadu police staffers.
  • Handloom and Khadi department gets Rs 194 crore.
  • Urban poverty alleviation schemes get Rs 272 crore.
  • Rs 1,000 crore allotted for 100 days employment scheme in rural areas.
  • Rs 615 crore allotted to meet drought situation.
  • Commercial taxes revenue for TN in next fiscal would be Rs 77,234 crore.

TN Govt Budget 2017-18 Highlights in English & Tamil PDF Download

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