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The best educational documentaries on Netflix

Everyone loves watching informative films or documentaries. The Internet is awash with documentaries that can educate you and pique your interest in real-life realities. This article discusses the best Netflix home movies and documentaries attempts to solve the educational system’s weaknesses globally and problems students go through in a bit to achieve their goals. They may help with research paper ideas and make you think about the educational system. The collection of these top documentaries and short films on Netflix seeks to inspire policymakers, students, and educators to take action.

The best educational documentaries on Netflix

On the Way to School

This documentary narrates how to get to school either by bus or by using dangerous routes. It features children from India, Morocco, Argentina, and Kenya who traverses African savanna, treacherous mountains, rivers, and horse riding to reach school. Reaching school on time worries these children.

If You Build It

Patrick Creadon directed this documentary film in the year 2013 and produced by Neal Baer. This documentary tracks an annual in the life of an innovative high school program that culminates in designing and constructing a farmers’ market pavilion.

Race to Nowhere

This documentary film by Maimone Attia got released in the year 2009 and directed by Jessica Congdon and Vicki Abeles. The power of the documentary is in a personal story. When Vicki Abeles noted school
pressures, extracurricular activities, tutoring, and homework made her daughter physically sick.

American Promise

This documentary spanned 13 years and was directed by Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster. The film is about the stories of Stephenson’s and Brewster’s five-year-old son called Idris, together with his classmate and friend Seun. The two families navigate through the rigorous preparatory school process.


This documentary film of 2007 is about the high school policy debate. Greg Whiteley from the New York Doll of fame wrote and directed the film. It captures audience awards and the Los Angeles film festival. One Potato Productions produced this film.

Approaching the Elephant

This documentary film is set up in the McArdle Teddy Free Schools in little falls. In this school, classes are voluntary, and rules are created by voting. Wilder Amanda, the film director, watches indelible cast by young personalities as they debate rule violations, discover their environment, and develop relationships till it comes to an end.

The Wolfpack

This documentary film of 2015, directed by Crystal Moselle, is about a family homeschooling and raising seven children in their apartment’s comfort. The film got premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the American documentary film grand jury prize.

Girls Rising

Holly Gordon, Tom Yellin, and Kayce Freed of The documentary group produced the movie in partnership with Vulcan Productions, headed by Jody Allen and Paul G. Allen. The movie features story narration by Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway, among others.

Mad Hot Ballroom

This documentary film is about many New York City basic schools learning of ballroom dancing. After that, they dance and compete in the city-wide dancing competition.

Brooklyn Castle

Faced with unprecedented budget cuts and other financial crises, Brooklyn Castle looks intimately at the problems and triumphs that the junior high school chess team members go through.

All American High

This documentary film is about a Finnish exchange student program that plunged into American high school in 1980. Has Rauhala Rikki narrates the film; he reveals the urban life of fellow American students who live in a humorous and entertaining environment. This documentary made several appearances at international movie festivals in Sundance Hong Kong. Keva Rosenfeld directed the film.

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