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The Great Khali’s Ambuja Cement Ad 2015 Makes You Laugh

In previous post you have seen a funniest & weird thing i.e. Shocking price of Whale Vomit, and now we are going to give you a funniest ad video of 2015.

The Great Khali Ambuja Cement Ad 2015  : Advertisements are the best way to promote the products of a company. At the same time the Advertisements are must be creative and funny to reach the audience. So, Now Ambuja Cement company which is a leading cement manufacturing company promote their cement in a creative and funny way. This Ambuja Cement Ad featured by Dalip Singh Rana best known as ‘The Great Khali’.

There is no introduction needed about The Great Khali. He is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cracking the walls, ceiling and floors are the funniest visuals in this ad which makes you laugh. “Ghar ek swarg hota hai… jaise chahe raho, jiiyo. Lekin mere saath aisa nahi tha,” says ‘The Great Khali’ in this video.

The Great Khali Ad 2015

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The Great Khali’s Ambuja Cement Ad 2015 :

Did you watch Khali’s Ambuja Cement Advertisement ? Don’t worry. Here we are going to give you the ad video of Ambuja cement for the sake of those who missed the funniest ad of 2015.

Please share this The Great Khali’s Ambuja Cement Ad 2015 to your friends and make them laugh. This ad presently going viral on social networking sites and getting instant hit.

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