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The Hidden Connection: Instagram Influencers and Content Marketing

Instagram is now considered to be the most influential social platform for business. It has the ability to market and sell your products as well as the ability to create and grow your brand image. Since the second half of the last decade, Instagram has immensely helped businesses to establish a personal connection with their customers and generate more growth through their follower count. 

This led to marketing firms branching out to include digital marketing tools to help businesses take the right approach when promoting their content on Instagram. The general misconception is that just finding followers will result in business growth. In reality, the way to go about finding followers will be to specifically target the right ones by conveying the right message. 

If you are looking to use the Instagram platform to increase your brand awareness, you can avail the services of an Instagram influencer agency who specialize in providing marketing campaigns that are tailor-made for Instagram. If you own a small scale business, you will have to exert more caution because your brand image will largely depend on the kind of results your marketing campaign will deliver. Before you choose the right firm, consider the following factors. 

  •   The Budget
  •   Project Timelines
  •   Size of the Business
  •   If the agency specializes in your field
  •   The Location of the Agency

The Main Instagram Influencer Agencies for Your Business

1. Thrive Advertising Agency

Thrive Advertising Agency has everything from strategy creation all the way to campaign analysis, they can assist you in your Instagram objective of choice. Be it, to raise awareness, increase consideration, earn conversions, generate new leads, etc. Some of the services they provide are as follows.

  • Analytics

They work with data-tracking tools that can enable you with insights that pinpoint the success rate of each campaign and improve your strategy overall.

  • Audience Identification

They identify and assess your target audience and determine the best method to use Instagram’s powerful targeting capabilities.

  • Strategy

They create and implement effective Instagram marketing strategies which specifically cater to your brand image and goals.

  • Monitoring

They can monitor your Instagram page and campaigns to recognize any new opportunities. They also handle any queries from your followers.

  • Paid Ads

Paid ads can drastically help you to expand the reach of your brand and can gain traction at a much faster pace. They handle the whole process from image creation all the way to final analysis to make sure the campaign is optimized accordingly. 

  • Content Creation

They also handle your Instagram timeline by scheduling regular posts which fit in with the Instagram aesthetic. They can make additional pages on the same profile to increase more followers.

2. Kairos Media 

Kairos Media is an award winning Instagram influencer agency with many big names under its belt such as Amazon, Facebook, KFC, Bacardi, LG, Unilever and Vodafone, to name a few. They have offices in the United States and in the UK. Kairos Media has around 30000 influencers form various industries on its roster. Some of the services they provide are as follows.

  • Attention-grabbing Creative

Kairos Media collaborates with leading content creators to generate mass appeal and better audience engagements. They produce content which is beneficial to brands and at the same time, entertaining for audiences without losing its uniqueness.

  • Flexible Budgets

All campaigns are differently priced, based on the needs of the business. They can precisely tailor your campaign in a way that will maximise your spending budget and ensure that your brand gets value for money. 

  • Powered by Unique Data

Kairos Media is heavily data driven. Their ability to hit your target audience is unmatched and they do not use ‘fake followers’ or bots to manipulate your growth. 

  • Guaranteed Results

They guarantee results and ensure that their methods of performance marketing are foolproof with each campaign.

The Process of How Kairos Media Increases Your Brand Image

  • Creative Review

Kairos Media recognises the specific needs of every project and will accordingly decide their approach. They have understood exactly how influencers operate and use their team of experts to generate content marketing services for your brand.  

  • KPI Alignment

They meticulously review the main performance indicators, your brand’s campaign objectives and expand on existing digital marketing strategies to make sure that the appropriate digital communication service and medium is selected so that it can align specifically towards what your product and brand has to offer. 

  • Strategy Selection

They choose their Instagram marketing strategies based on what your brand represents.

Some of these include Social Creative, Influencer Marketing, Esports, Tech Conference, Video Production and Bespoke Marketing. Their highly qualified team of experts can adapt to any requirements of your brand and makes sure that they are positioned accurately in order to get the best overall results.

  • Campaign Execution

Kairos Media offers a complete digital marketing service. Their area of expertise lies in Instagram influencer marketing. With project management resources from both their offices, in London and Los Angeles. This can lead to your brand image increasing on a global scale.   

  • Reporting

Often overlooked, reporting campaign analytics is taken very seriously at Kairo Media. 

They offer you analytical and statistical data on your marketing campaign and which will contain in depth measured information that showcases precisely the achievements and growth awareness of your brand image. 

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