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Traditional Interior Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Whether it is a high-rise apartment or a quaint house in the colony, there is a traditional touch everywhere in Indian homes that exudes elegance and sophistic vibes. Our rich heritage inspires the décor of our homes, but with time, Indians are adapting modern styles along with the traditional touch in their interiors.

The designers first ask their clients to show them the place that they want to decorate. The designers, after inspecting the place, think upon various designs that will suit the clients’ needs and also make the interiors look amazingly beautiful.  Here in this article, some of the interior design ideas that align creativity at its best are discussed hereunder. 

Have a look below to dip into the ocean of beautiful design ideas and try these design ideas for your interiors sometimes.

 Use vibrant Colors

This is one of the most important things that Indian interior decoration cannot do without. Bright and vibrant colors are the hallmark of Indian homes. Though it is highly tempting to choose some of the brilliant hues from the myriad of colors available, too much of anything can bring into chaos. 

Earthy tones like rich browns or burnt oranges look good on the floors and walls. Whereas, fluorescent pinks or yellows or hues in greens and blues can be used for pillow covers or window drapes to keep the essence of mix and matching. A bi-color theme with a neutral base and bright pop up colors also look cool. A colorful painting on the wall can transform the entire ambiance and décor of the room. Sometimes covering one of the walls with mirror gives a sparkling look that exponentially changes the beauty quotient of the room. 

Place wooden cabinets and furniture

Most of the Indian homes are bogged down with things both necessary and not so necessary. Indians have a habit of keeping memories and just cannot throw away things that are old and not of much use now. Also, there are still many joint families who have been living together for many years. 

Due to this, Indian homes need more storage cabinets and furniture. Keeping some ornate pieces of furniture in the living area gives an authentic traditional look. Brightly embellished cabinets with innate mirror works or stones bring in the elegance of Indian craftsmanship that is truly praiseworthy. 

Indians also have a wide variety of artifacts and room decors to choose from. Clay pottery, masks, leather puppets, marble, and crockeries can be used to decorate the outer portion of the furniture and cabinets to give them a fuller look. 

Keep ample spaces for guests 

Indians, by nature, are gregarious people who love to make friends wherever they go. Call it a bad habit or a social one, Indians can bring home even those whom they have met only just once. So, designers keep this in mind when implementing Interior design ideas for Indian homesto design a place that will be exclusively for those informal interactions and chit chat. 

Creating relaxed seating arrangements with high chairs, footstools, and sofas where you can bring in your friends and enjoy the evening snacks is a must have in Indian homes. 

Use hand spun fabrics

Indians are well known for their hand embroideries. Hand-woven fabrics can be used in the window drapes, bed sheets, and diwans to keep that traditional touch in the interiors. Silk and other fine fabrics can be used in the cushion covers. Khadi and cotton can be used inside chairs whereas jute can be used in footstools. Therefore, Indian homes exude variety and elegance in whatever way they are decorated.

Use patterns and textures

Patterns like motifs and animal prints are signature styles of Indian homes. They form a very important place as far as the desi design templates are concerned. The paisley patterns are edited and updated, keeping in mind the Indian designs. 

The mandala motifs or the nature-based themes have been customized according to the Indian designs and which is why clients would be more than happy with the interior designers. They are getting the designs just as they want them to be. The Indian designers do not keep any stones unturned in delivering clients what they want and how they want them to be. 

Some clients also want patterns that evoke cultural and religious symbolizing. Indian designers add these items through inlaid tables and tapestries. Sometimes the designers also implement these things in patterned floors or as wallpapers.

Keep intricate artworks

India has a very rich heritage of art and culture, and it is reflected in those brilliant hand works that the Indian designers bring in to decorate the interiors of the clients. The paintings of Tanjore in golden leaves or the Madhu Bani paintings, India has a myriad of varied artworks to praise for. 

Large paintings can be kept as centerpieces and can serve as a strong focal point of the living area. If you have some smaller pieces of artwork in your collection, you can create a gallery on the wall and hung those paintings and other artworks for displaying them to your guests. 

Statues also part an important part of the Indian home décor. Religious idols of Buddha and Ganesh form majority of the tastes and preferences of the clients. Turtles, elephants, and camel also serve as popular choices as far as the choices of statues are concerned. 

Moreover, designers also recommend stone, metals, or terracotta figurines to keep as accent pieces in the living area. Therefore, the desi décor can provide such a wide variety of home decorating ideas to choose from.

Indian interior design differs from others, given the variety of choices based on factors like art, culture, and history across the nation. These are the most exotic décor to work with. Indian interior designers have the caliber of transforming a house into a home that brims with positive energy and lots of happy memories. 

All the variants of interior designing, starting from colors to furnishings and every other thing can be chosen keeping in mind factors like practicality and activities that need to be undertaken in the interiors. 

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