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What makes mobile gaming so popular today?

While some people access sports news and movies on a powerful modern-day smartphone, others are making the most of the extensive selection of games that are on offer on both iOS and Android devices. In fact, mobile gaming is booming all over the world. 

What makes mobile gaming so popular today

For console and PC gamers, the offering on a smartphone device will probably never suffice, while other gamers are discovering the benefits of accessing an array of titles on one. Mobile gaming’s evident growth is backed up further by Newzoo’s latest research, which suggests that the global game industry will exceed $200 billion this year. While the smaller screen and limited graphics might hinder the gaming package too much for some diehard console gamers, there is enough of an appetite there to suggest that smartphone gaming will only continue to go from strength to strength. But why? What makes mobile gaming so popular today, especially when factoring in the hugely sophisticated alternatives out there, such as a gaming PC or a Nintendo Switch? Let’s take a look below. 

It’s a cheaper alternative 

For starters, gaming on a miniature handheld device is completely free or incredibly cheap, especially when compared to a console machine, such as a PlayStation 5. Most of us own a smartphone in today’s tech-savvy world anyway, therefore opening up a smartphone’s gaming package accordingly. Many of the games available for download on either iOS or Android can be downloaded within a minute or two, they can then be fired up within seconds, and they’re generally free, although sometimes in-app purchases are presented to gamers. Still, despite the occasional optional additional charge popping up when playing some mobile titles, smartphone gaming is far more affordable than purchasing an extortionate console machine. For many people, while smartphone gaming lacks the detail and the all-round sophistication of other common alternatives, it’s still a solid enough package to tuck into in times of need, be it during a morning commute to work or while relaxing at home. 

An on-the-go entertainment option 

Alongside its cheaper cost, mobile gaming’s convenience makes it a favored choice for many people in 2022. All you need is an internet connection and you can access a comprehensive selection of titles, from hit releases like PUBG Mobile to alternative options away from the App Store and Google Play like the best Indian online casinos. The fact that such a diverse selection of games can accompany us throughout a typical day is remarkable, especially as many of them are designed to be picked up and put down, therefore offering users with a convenient gaming option as and when it suits them. Other gaming packages, such as a PC product or a console, are only accessible indoors and generally provide much more detailed and harder games. For casual gamers who want to jump in and out of a release during a typical day, purchasing a hugely expensive PS5 console over a portable smartphone doesn’t really make much sense, while also making some people feel daunted given the complexity of a PlayStation 5 machine. Smartphone gaming is essentially more user-friendly and suits many people’s routines. 

What makes mobile gaming so popular today 2

Mobile games are the best they’ve ever been 

Another key reason behind the recent rise of mobile gaming is credited to the dramatically improved selection of games people can access. While old classics like Snake will be fondly remembered forever, the fact that mobile users can now enjoy console games on a miniature mobile phone highlights just how much innovation has occurred in this particular space. From console-quality titles and VR products to augmented reality games and puzzle releases, there is something for everyone. 

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