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Shocking: Woman Brutally Assaults Mother-in-Law in Bijnor, UP

Woman Brutally Assaults & Strangulated Mother-in-Law in Bijnor: In a shocking incident, a woman in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh has been caught on CCTV camera for brutally assaulting and trying to strangulate her mother-in-law. Sangeeta Jain brutally beats her 70 years old mother-in-law Rajrani Jain. This incident took place in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. The video was uploaded by social activist Kundan Srivastava on his Facebook page The video soon went viral on the social media with no.of shares. The incident reportedly took place earlier this month on January 5 and the woman has now been arrested. Check out the below article to watch the live CCTV Footage of Shocking Bijnor Mother in Law Incident and the remaining full story about Sangeeta Jain.


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Woman Brutally Assaults Mother-in-Law in Bijnor:

Sandeep Jain (Husband) about Sangeeta Jain:

Sangeeta and her husband Sandeep Jain have been married for 7 years and a divorce case is going on, CNN IBN reported. Sangeeta also allegedly filed a false report against her husband.

The CCTV camera was installed secretly by her husband Sandip Kumar Jain, who had warned her for her behaviour several times earlier. “I installed CCTV to expose her because of her behaviour, however she chose not to improve,” says the man, whose mother was beaten up.

”This has been happening for quite some time now. She used to assault and abuse my parents very often. I complained about her but no one used to listen to me. Then after waiting for two years, I installed a CCTV camera expecting that she will fix her ways, but she didn’t. That day she crossed all the limits. I installed the camera to unmask her since the law is on the woman’s side when these types of cases are concerned,” said Sandip.

Woman Brutally Assaults & Strangulated Mother-in-Law in Bijnor, CCTV Footage:

Rajrani Jain (Mother in Law) about Sangeeta Jain:

“My daughter in law attacked me, she slapped me again and again. She hit with me a hard stone,” she is quoted as saying by ANI. Said Mother in Law Rajrani Jain.

Police Action against Sangeeta Jain:

The police, have registered a case under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code against Sangeeta, Subhash Singh Baghel,SP told ANI.

“We have registered a case under section 307 of IPC against the woman. Investigation is underway,” Subhash Singh Baghel, SP said. Reportedly, the woman had earlier filed a false case on marital rape against her husband, who is currently in police custody.

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