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Work on The Sea? Beware of These Common Personal Injuries

A personal injury is an injury or illness caused by negligence or mistake of someone else, and it varies from physical to psychological in range. In the case of personal injuries, someone else can be held legally responsible for the harm caused. 

While working on ships, getting hurt or injured is quite common, most of the seafarers suffer from that in some part of their lives. According to research, 70% of the injuries occur due to someone's negligence and inability to follow safety measures.

For example, Peter was recommended by his uncle Joe into the seafarer jobs, and they worked together on the ship. Due to uncle Joe’s negligence, Peter fell off the upper deck, tripping on some tools and was injured badly. So he had no other way than sue uncle Joe for personal injury and his attorney took care of the rest.

Injuries on marine jobs can range from simple ones to very dangerous ones, and can even lead to fatality. So seafarers must have good knowledge about the possible personal injuries that can happen on the sea. Here are some common personal injuries:

  1. Injuries By Slips, Trips, And Falls:

Accidents can occur by falling from a height, tripping over spare parts lying here and there, slipping over rails and ladders, etc. These mainly occur due to the negligence of safety measures and the presence of slippery and oily floors, wet surfaces, big cracks on the floor, materials lying unattended, etc.

  1. Eye Injuries:

There are jobs on the ships that lead to exposure of the eyes of seafarers to hazardous jobs like welding, painting, working with oil, chipping, etc. The use of appropriate eye gears like goggles, covers, etc is mandatory for safety during such works. 

  1. Injuries In Hand And Foot:

Several accidents can occur due to negligence towards the use of safety precautions like that of proper gloves, shoes, etc. The gloves left oily, lose grip when used by the next user. Use of proper shoes that don’t slip on oily or wet surfaces can prevent the feet from falling loads or hot objects. 

  1. Head Injury/ Injuries From Falling Objects:

Head injuries can occur when heavy objects fall over someone, failure to keep the head down when necessary, bumping into metal, etc., thus hitting the head hard. These are caused by inattentiveness of workers and negligence in the placement of heavy materials. Head injuries can also occur when someone is unable to keep balance and gets hit by any machinery. 

  1. Injuries From Exposure To Chemicals And Gases:

This type of injury occurs due to inhalation or touch, or any kind of intake of emitted fumes and different chemicals. There can be irritation of the eyes or nose, blood coughing, shortness of breath, skin diseases, etc. due to these injuries. 

  1. Back Injury/ Injury From Manual Lifting:

Carriage of too much heavy weights by the workers can be very stressful to them and can result in back injuries and pains. One must keep in mind that once the spinal cord is hurt, it will be very difficult for the person to recover fully. There are specific weight limits and techniques of lifting weights which should be followed mandatorily.

  1. Fires- Burns And Scalds:

Fires can lead to not only injuries like burns and scalds, but also incur severe damage to property and people. Not only ships, but every working place should also have fire management systems. The workers should be fully aware of the uses of fire extinguishers and how to utilize them in times of need.

  1. Injuries From Deck Operations Like Mooring And Cargo Handling:

Movements on the ship like mooring and handling of heavy cargo can lead to serious accidents if safety precautions are not followed. Standing near the bight of a rope or untrained-handling of cranes and mooring gears can prove to be a death trap for the workers.

  1. Accidents Involving Collisions:

Not taking enough care while the movement of cargo can lead to accidents involving a collision. It can lead to spillage of material, slipping and falling of the workers, injury by hitting hard, etc. So it needs proper supervision and maneuver on the workforce. 

  1.  Injuries From Electric Shock:

This type of injury occurs when electric appliances are still kept connected before and after use. Open wires are a great risk. Electric shocks lead to various kind of injuries like muscle, nerve and tissue destruction, thermal burns, and even cardiac arrest. 

  1.  Injuries From Misuse Of Tools And Machinery:

This type of injury occurs when tools and other machinery are left scattered and unattended at a place where people would surely trip. Also, misuse and improper maintenance of tools and machinery lead to their malfunctioning which can hurt the workers. 

  1.  Man Overboard Accidents:

Man overboard is a situation where any person has tipped over the edge of the ship into the sea and is in desperate need of rescue. This kind of accident mainly occurs due to negligence and absence of safety measures.

Some Precautions:

  • To avoid electrical injuries there are a number of precautions to be taken. For example, not staying on the outer deck during storms, keeping electric sockets covered, be aware of possible electric dangers, etc. Keep doctors and essential medical supplies onboard for cases of emergency.

  • With the correct direction of the workflow by a trained supervisor, injuries due to collision can be avoided.

  • Safety measures to prevent head injury is off course, wearing a helmet and working with caution when in confined places.

  • Caution should be taken while handling heavy cargo by the seafarers. For too heavy loads, cranes should be put into use. 

  • Use of sandals, flip flops are a big no, they also lead to falls and trips.

  • Hiring an attorney a contractual basis. He will be needful during the settlement of the property.

  • Keep handy lifesaver inflatable swimming tubes for recovery of man overboard persons.

Consult an expert lawyer for personal injury occurred at the sea. He will be able to make a legal claim through a personal injury lawsuit and that can get you to recover the expenses for the damage done, especially when someone else is responsible for the circumstances.

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